The old mirror keeps information about the place where it hung, the owners of the house in which it was located. Not accidentally ancient divination, checked more than one generation, associated with the mirrors. Therefore, the mirror surfaces must be treated with care. There is a ritual of throwing out the old mirrors. Wrap the mirror in a thick piece of fabric of dark color. Carefully take him out of the house and put near the street garbage. After that salt itself is the mirror and the place where you put it. This ritual helps to purify your energy with mirrors.
Before you throw away the mirror – put it under running water. Thus he "flushed away" information about its previous owners. Then put the mirror in bag and put near the front door. Perhaps someone from neighbours to verify your piece of furniture.
Another ritual that you can do before you throw away the mirror is to sprinkle it with Holy water and cross Church candle. At the time of this ritual to mentally say goodbye to the mirrorm, thank him for serving, and wrap it in cellophane. Then put him on the street in front of the dumpster.
A good option to get rid of the old mirror to sell. In the Internet you can place on the portal ad, in which you must specify the size of the mirror, cost and a number to attach to the announcement photo mirror. Your ad will be in high demand, if you put it on such Internet sites as, in the section "Antiques".
If you want to say goodbye to the mirrorm and to be sure that no one will use them, then it can be buried in the ground. For this you have to choose maloprohodimye a place where a lot of land. In the yard to bury the mirror is not recommended, as there can dig up stray dogs. It is best if you will dig a hole for a mirror in the woods.