There are many people take about the mirrors. For example, said earlier that the mirror is the counterpart of a person, if you hurt him - hurt himself. There is also a belief that broken glass can't watch, you need to carefully collect the pieces and throw. But what to do with the mirrorm, which is not suitable for use?
How to throw <strong>mirror</strong>
Folk sages said that before throwing the whole mirror, it needs three days to bury the mirror side up.
You can also put in cold water for three days, but in this case you should change the water every six hours, so she was always cold. And after all is done with peace of mind to make the mirror in the trash.
Also you can give mirror in a thrift store or just give it to someone from your family.
In our time, a mirror is released by cutting the glass cutter on the reverse side. Then the pieces wrapped in newspaper and throw out.