The mirror is a bottomless world of mysteries

In the middle ages, people believed that mirrors are not just objects of everyday use, but something more. It was thought that in their fathomless depths they hide much more than you can see at first glance: mirrors don't just reflect surrounding reality, but also absorb that energy, which, in fact, and filled the surrounding space. Moreover, mirrors are able to broadcast what he had seen!

It is this mystical property is due to the fact that the psychic, esotericism and white mages don't advise people to buy an old mirror with many years (or even centuries) of history. The fact that positive and negative energy that has accumulated in the mirror over the years, can easily leak. The reason for its diversion may become broken or even cracked mirror. According to legend, people have looked into it, dooms itself to some adversity.

Why not look in the broken mirror?

No luck associated with broken mirrors do not give a positive answer to this question. It is believed that a broken mirror "splits" the identity of the person: he sees his "broken" reflection - his power is "falling apart" bit by bit. All this leads to the fact that the karma of a person weakens, he becomes vulnerable, begin to pursue his various failures. Apparently, it is the interpretation embedded in the widespread belief that man looking into a broken mirror for seven years to pursue unhappiness and failure.

There is another explanation for this. The fact that the mirror, fallen into fragments, became the home of years of accumulated energy. Psychics explain this behavior mirrors the following way: the energy that pours on a person's broken (or broken) mirror, invisible and small streams with breakneck speed, flying through all the rooms and throughout the premises.

If time does not take appropriate measures, the negative energy will not be able to leave the premises. All this leads to the fact that some of the beams "dwell" is not only someone who looked into this mirror, but in the surrounding people. Thus, the impact of negative energy can be disastrous to suffer will not only be staring in the mirror or break it, but also innocent people!

Important! The shards of a broken mirror cannot be touched with bare hands! It is best to remove them using a broom and dustpan. Such caution stems from the fact that the additional contact with the remnants of the mirror can bring more trouble than they already are. Especially dangerous are mirrors that "see" of suicide, the constant squabbles and scandals, raspotocje and obscurantism. To somehow reduce the risk of the consequences of broken mirrors, it is recommended to purchase only new, has not "seen" anything mirror!