Purchase for cat tray for the toilet. It needs to be comfortable and large enough with a height of about 10 – 12 cm Put the tray in a quiet, secluded, but easily accessible for the cat place. Don't put it in crowded places in the kitchen where the cat eats and sleeps.
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Fill the tray with the special cat litter, paper, Newspapers. Sand and soil for such purposes is not desirable, as wet paws cat will spread the dirt on the floor. In pet stores offers a wide selection of artificial fillers absorbing moisture and odor. However, make sure that the cat has started eating the balls. Rinse the tray under running water without using chemicals.
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Observe the behavior of a pet. When the cat wants to use the toilet, she begins to behave restlessly, sniffing at the right place, meows, scratching the floors with their claws. Immediately take the animal to the tray, Pat and hold, while the cat goes to the toilet. Then praise a pet, pet him, try to explain that she did the right thing. Carry the cat to the tray as often as possible the first time after sleeping or eating.
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Moisten a piece of paper in the urine of the cat if it went in an undesirable location, and throw in the trayto absorb the smell. Also, we put in a tray of solid animal waste. Then bring the cat to the tray and allow it to sniff it. Then carefully wash the place where the cat went to the toilet. Sprinkle floors with a special product to eliminate odor, wipe with vinegar.
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Be patient, accustomed to the tray, it may take a few weeks. In any case, don't hit the cat, don't yell at her, to have the animal do not have the desire to defecate in the wrong places in spite of you. But if within six months the kitten never learned to go to the toilet in the tray, try to find the reason. Perhaps the animal wasn't like a filler for the selected toilet uncomfortable.
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