Delay to accustom the kitten to the tray can cost you dearly, and therefore simultaneously with the nubbin in the house should see the place for the toilet. In addition to the tray you will need cat litter, and a spatula for cleaning.
Put the tray in the desired location, pour a little of the filler. When you see that the kitten was concerned, began to sniff different nooks, get him to the toilet, put in pan, explain that gentle voice, that's where he needs to do his business.
About a week carefully follow the behavior of the cat. Try to take the baby to the tray after sleeping and eating, as it is at this time the animals defecate.
When the kitten is done doing his business in the tray, be sure to pet and praise him.
If at first it does not work, and you will find in the wrong place the traces of the crime, carefully collect all and put in a tray, show the kitten what and where should be. Place the stool a good wash and sprinkle with perfume, vinegar or lemon juice, as the pungent smell will not go to the bathroom kitten in this place again. In any case don't hurt the baby and not poke his nose in the stool, otherwise he might be offended.
To accustom your kitten to the tray, don't forget to leave the door to the room where it will be going to the toilet, open.
In time to change the contents of the tray, otherwise the animal can make their case next.
If the kitten does not want to visit the toilet, show it to the vet. He may have problems with urination. You can also try to change the tray or filler, not every kitten like the fact that you had chosen for him.
If the kitten defecates in a specific place to put the tray, and then gradually move it to the right place.