You will need
  • Internet, patience
If you remember the full name, name and patronymic, date of birth and approximate place of residence of your lost family member, try to enter that information in any search engine. Maybe you're lucky and only for a few minutes, the closest person will be found.
On the Internet there are many sites the real trees, to use some of them for absolutely free. One of these servers is the website of the all-Russian genealogical tree (, equipped with convenient search and forum. Do not neglect any means to find the dear person. The more sites you visit, the more effective can be the result achieved.
You can also use the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs ( One of the important missions of the state structures is to help people and search citizens. You can also call or come to the police station. Believe me, the guards will not remain indifferent to your problem.
Be sure to visit the website of the television program "Wait for me" ( Over the years, it's a TV show helped to reunite many relatives. It is not excluded that will help you.
Try to find a relative in the various social networks, mail servers, instant messaging. Especially convenient for people on the site "Vkontakte" ( Knowing the approximate age, place of birth or residence, the school or College attended, or the name of the organization in which he worked, you can quickly find it and reconnect. If you apply a certain amount of effort and spend a considerable amount of time, the relationship with the lost relative will be restored. The main thing is not to lose hope of success and stop started the search.