You will need
  • - Passport;
  • work - book (or in lieu thereof a document confirming professional qualification);
  • - diploma of graduation or certificate school;
  • - reference from last job on the amount of average monthly earnings in the last 3 months;
  • - the certificate of pension insurance;
  • INN.
If you were fired, then contact the employment service at the place of residence within 14 days after the dismissal. If you have not worked, you have the right to stand on the exchange of labour at any time before the term of pregnancy reaches 30 weeks. Please bring the necessary documents. Will register you in the same day.
Expect that within 10 days from the moment of registration you will be offered 2 options of work appropriate to your education, experience and wishes. We can also offer to take part in public works. Ask the employee of the employment service, is it possible to raise qualification or receive training of any specialty. On the exchange of labor provides free training for applicants. If you do not intend to find a job during pregnancy, it is a very good scenario.
Remember that if you do not find a suitable job within 10 days, after this period, the employment service registers you as unemployed. Accordingly, expect to receive unemployment benefits. Its size is:- 75% of average earnings for 3 months on last place of work in the first 3 months of unemployment;- 60 % - follow-up 4 months;- 45% in the remaining months of the period. The amount paid may not be higher than the maximum amount established by the government of the Russian Federation, and below the minimum size. If you were sent on courses, the benefit will not be paid, in this case, a scholarship.
Don't think that standing on the account you will be able to benefit and nothing to worry about. After all, if you refuse twice vacancies, you are removed from the account. To obtain the status of unemployed, you can return only a month later. So consider whether or not to inform the inspector on the exchange of labour and a potential employer about your "interesting" position. Perhaps the employee of the employment service will meet you and you "sit" on the exchange prior to the decree, but to find a job also have a chance.
When the term of pregnancy reaches 30 weeks, provide the relevant certificate from women's consultation to the inspector of the exchange of work and go on maternity leave. Be aware that in the holiday period on pregnancy and birth unemployment benefits, you will not be charged. Contact social security for benefits after the baby is born.