You will need
  • - passport;
  • - diploma;
  • - certificate of employment on the average wage.
Often employers deny employment to pregnant women, under various pretexts. Nobody wants to mess with the extra decorations papers and other references. In this regard, the woman in the position to find a job very difficult. To help in this case, the government comes. In the center of employment of the population do not have the right to refuse registration of, referring to the pregnancy.
For registration, grant to the center of employment documents. If the date of your dismissal has not passed 6 months you for the calculation of benefits will need the certificate of the average wage from the employer. It is composed on the letterhead of the Centre of employment.
Check the correctness of the reference your employer: must be signed by the Director and chief accountant of the organization (in the absence of the accountant the signature the head marked O. I.); in the upper right corner should be written the details of the organization (VAT number, legal address etc.).
In the case of providing the help that your benefit will be in the first 3 months - 75% next 4 months - 60% of the average wage. If you never worked, you will be assigned the minimum amount of benefits in 2011, she is 850 rubles without taking into account regional factors.
After registering as unemployed, in the future after the baby is born, you will be able to receive the allowance for child care up to six years. Unfortunately it will be assigned in a minimum amount. The benefit is you will begin to pay from the birth of the child. To get the benefits you need to contact the social security authorities, you will need to provide proof of service of employment about your status as unemployed.
You also have the right to receive a Lump social benefit to women embarked on the records in medical institutions in early terms of pregnancy and a lump sum child birth, if this right will not be implemented by the child's father.