Decide whether your question can be answered only by the Governor of St. Petersburg , or better to send it directly to one of the Executive bodies of the city. In any case, first your letter, please refer to the Management of addresses and complaints of administration of the Governor. And its staff may be decided to redirect your question to the office of administration. Do not ask the Governor's assistance in judicial proceedings in your case. Current law prohibits any interference in the judicial process.
Sign the envelope for the letter to the Governor. Enter the last name, first name and patronymic, home address and postcode. The letter should begin by addressing the Governor, after which you must again be submitted and, in addition to the data specified on the envelope, immediately provide information about his social situation and the subject of the appeal. Be sure to indicate whether you have benefits if it can be relevant to your question. Don't worry: all data provided by you will be stored and processed with observance of requirements of the legislation on personal data.
Your appeal will not be considered if:- contains profanity and abusive language;- written illegible handwriting;- does not carry specific applications, proposals and complaints.
You can send mail the normal way by post to the address: 191060, St.-Petersburg, Smolny. Or, contact the site administration, fill in the form (, and then click on the "Send" button. Notice that the letter is admissible, you will receive on your e-mail address specified in the questionnaire. Please note: email should not exceed 2000 characters. Letters containing copies of documents, photos and other attachments, should be sent by regular mail.