Advice 1: How to enroll in the Lenin library

Russian state library Lenin often called or just "Library". In the collections of the main library of the country collected more than 43 million books, periodicals, maps, music, dissertations and electronic documents. Use them maybe every citizen of Russia who has reached adulthood. For recording you need to come personally to the Lenin library.
How to enroll in the Lenin library
Contact group, and readers of Russian state library. Residents of the capital region can visit a library in Moscow (Vozdvizhenka str., 3/5) or ( Khimki, ul .Library, 15). Nonresident Russians the pre-call to clarify all the details: (495) 695-57-90 or (495) 570-05-55.
The right to use the library on a regular basis is provided to citizens who have received the personal library card with a photo. This ticket is a plastic card made by library staff when recording the reader. Photograph of the visitor. The cost of a library card is determined by the current price list.
When you first visit the Lenin library will present the staff responsible for writing new readers, the documents listed below. Don't forget to make copies that you will be able, if necessary, be left for the entry of information in the files.
Visitors wishing to obtain a permanent library card and having higher professional education, you must have the following documents:
- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or the document replacing it. Check the passport stamps permanent or temporary residence (registration of residence);
- the document proving the identity of foreign nationals. To the original, you must attach a notarized translation into the Russian language. The document must bear the visa or registration office. This requirement applies to citizens of CIS countries, Baltic States and far abroad;
- diploma of higher education.
Citizens who do not have higher education, present only identity documents and citizenship. Students instead of the diploma must provide a student card stamped year of study and a student book.
Single (one-time) visit of the Lenin library is possible only after obtaining a temporary library card. For its design enough to present a passport. Photo and diploma is not required. A temporary ticket entitles you to work with the library directories and visit some of the reading halls and specialized departments.

Advice 2: How to get a library card

Currently, the relevance of libraries is particularly felt because of the high cost of literature. Here it is possible to prepare the material for work and study, a unique book, to consult the records. Especially great value of the library for students. The importance of this institution cannot be overestimated, so the question remains on how to sign up in the library.
How to get a library card
You will need
  • 1) Passport
  • 2) a Certain amount of money.
For the record in the library is nothing difficult to do not necessary. Public authorities have simplified this process in order to more people to introduce to knowledge. Of course, a library is not free, but using it requires much less money than buying one book. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the library and find out the cost of services. Usually, when writing need to pay a Deposit from 100 to 200 rubles, depending on age, and from 5 to 10 rubles for registration form.
Knowing the fees, take the required amount of money and a passport. If you are young and do not have passports, ask the parents to go with you. Then to record you will need their passport. In some libraries, the principle of recording on a local residence. Therefore, decide this issue and better precisely consult about it with an employee of the library.
Arriving at the library, please contact any staff member with a request on the record. After receiving your passport, the librarian fills in the information about you in a special notebook. You will be asked to provide your contact telephone numbers. After that you will have a personal form, which will specify information about the literature taken and for how long. Paid services, you can start to use the library. Books are usually issued for a period of 10 days.
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