According to the information given on the official portal administration of St. Petersburg, you can write a letter and send it with enclosed in envelope photographs or copies of documents (if necessary) to the address: 191060, St.-Petersburg, Smolny.
In addition, there is the possibility of sending electronic messages through the Internet portal of the administration. On its main page on the right, select the tab "Internet". In the opened window locate the "Send email".
You have to fill application form in which you must enter your surname, name, patronymic name, your social position, return address with an index by place of residence, email address. The form should be completed without errors, indicating complete and accurate data.
Then in the "Select a destination" check "the Governor of Saint-Petersburg", specify the topic of treatment and go to the text of your letter. According to the requirements, it should not exceed 2 thousand characters. The appeal must contain specific complaints or suggestions, otherwise it is not subject to review.
Note that will consider the appeal written using obscene language or insults. Follow the correct filling of the form – the text should be broken into sentences, is not allowed to write an appeal only in capital letters or to outline the text in Russian but using Latin characters.
You can attach to e-mail a copy of the supplementary document of direct relevance to your message. The copy size must not exceed 5 MB, so e-mails containing a large number of text documents and send to the postal address that you specified in step 1.