You will need
  • calculator, paper, pen, information about the worker, his wage
Calculate insurance experience of the worker. If the insurance period of five years and less sick pay will amount to sixty per cent, from five to eight years to eighty percent, more than eight years – one hundred percent.
Determine the average daily (hourly) wage, which can be calculated by dividing the amount for the six months to the actual number of days worked. For example, the salary of the employee is twelve thousand rubles, multiply this amount by six months, receive seventy-two thousand rubles. The number of actual days for the period January-June: 15+19+22+21+22+22=121 day (only includes working days, weekends and holidays excluded from calculation). Note that leave, previous hospital are not included in the calculation period, the average daily wage for "travel" days included. Now find the average daily wages: 72 000/121 days received 595,04 rubles
Define days (hours) incapacity of the employee, payable. For example, sick leave is granted for the period from 4 to 14 July, the weekend exclusion, the payment shall be 9 days.
Calculate wages for sick leave by multiplying the average daily earnings by the number of working days missed due to illness and the percentage for sick pay, depending on insurance experience of the worker. In our example, assume that the employee insurance period is seven years, the percentage of pay will be eighty percent. 595,04 rubles*9 days*80%=4284,3 rubles.

Thus, payment for sick leave for the period from 4 to 14 July will be 4284,3 rubles.