To calculate the amount of the benefit performs the following algorithm:

During the 12 calendar months preceding the date of occurrence of the insured event, determine the amount of payments that are accrued contributions to the social insurance Fund.
Determine the amount of average daily earnings. To do this, divide the amount of accrued earnings for a number of days attributable to this period.
Calculated average daily earnings, multiply by the percentage amount of the allowance, the amount of which is indicated in article 7 of Federal law No. 255-FZ. As a result you get the amount of daily allowance.
Compare the size of the daily benefit maximum. If this value does not exceed the set limits, calculate the total amount of payments, by multiplying the daily benefit by the number of days of incapacity for work. If the worker's employment is less than 6 months, the size of payments for temporary disability is calculated on the basis of the minimum wage.
Rules of registration of sick-lists:
1. The front side must be filled out by medical institution where the physician notes by underlining certain conditions.

2. Must be oleski stamp and signature of the head of the medical institution.

3. Be sure the form has to be highlighted the reason for the issuance of sick leave, which will serve as the basis for subsequent payment of benefits (injury, occupational disease or its complications, caring for a sick family member, work injury, etc.)

4. If some graphs in the forms of sheet not filled, they are familiar with Z.