Determine the type of cargo. If the goods are afraid of water, it will need to be transported in covered wagons with high solid walls and a roof. So transported, such as grain and products of light industry. If you need to transport construction materials, wood or ore, choose to transport platforms that are convenient folding low side. In addition, for such carriage will approach the gondola, allowing higher and the floor has hatches through which it is convenient to pour the goods out. Liquid cargo should be transported in the train-tank, which is a cylindrical container made of metal and the put on wheels. Perishable foods are transported in special wagons. They supported and regulated by the required temperature, so they are called cars with the engine cooling.
Calculate the weight of the load. If its mass does not allow to place it either in the gondola or on the platform, it will need to be transported in conveyors which have powerful metal and can withstand loads of up to 500 tons. If the weight of the load does not exceed 70 tons, it can carry the usual way. If the cargo can be divided into several parts, calculate in advance how many cars you need to order.
Select the company which will deal with transportation. It should be reliable. The factors that in a particular firm additionally offers services such as loading, transportation up to the car, will testify in her favor. If such services no, think about the method of transportation of cargo to the car and determine who will load the goods into the car. In addition, agreement with the host about the unloading and transportation.
We will process your cargo. Provide the information about the sender and the recipient, the start and end of station road. Describe the cargo that is transported, to what extent, how many places, cars is. Make sure that you have provided information about the date and time of arrival, number of the coach and the train, where he's going. Make the act of acceptance-transfer of the goods and pay the freight.