You will need
  • The game supports steering and the steering wheel itself.
Installing gamesthat support the steering. Insert the game disc you wish to install on your computer. When you install select the destination folder for the game, and then continue her unpacking files. Once the game is installed, you can proceed to configure the steering wheel.
Connecting the helm to the computer.
In most cases, the modern model of the rudders connect to the computer via a USB port. Powered device provides a distribution block that is inserted into the socket. First connect the wires running from the pedals to the steering base. Next you need to connect the wheel to the computer using the USB cable and only after that you can turn on the power supply to the network.
Steering wheel settings.
Run the installed game, then go to "Options". Here you need to go to the menu "control Settings". In the opened window you will see three sections: "Configure mouse", "keyboard Settings" and "Alternative governance". For settings the helm you should go to "Alternative management." A further process you can understand yourself – click on the action "Gas" and, having waited when will be able to change the setting, press on the gas pedal. If you change the settings turn, turn the wheel in the appropriate direction. You can also set specific settings for buttons, the steering wheel. After all changes don't forget to save the new settings. Now you can enjoy the fascinating drive through the virtual town.