Purchase the wheel. This is the first thing to do. Come to the computer shop, choose the most vending model and talk with the seller at her expense. What you need to ask? Have you encountered any problems with this model, consumers return it on warranty repair, it is better than similar devices in the same price category, if the city service center of the manufacturer what is the warranty period that comes in the kit etc.
Find out in the store, what type of port you are connecting the helm. Modern models usually plug into a USB port, but can be different options. So check directly in the store, so in case you need to adjust your choices and give preference to steering input, to connect which will be less problematic.
Let's see if your computer's free USB ports. At least one port needed to connect the steering wheel. If your computer is in operation for quite a long time, then it is possible that all USB ports are assigned to the connected printer, webcam, scanner, modem, etc. So as not to make repeated unnecessary manipulation-attach, purchase in the same store a USB hub that will allow one port to connect multiple devices.
Plug bought the wheel. This operation should not be too difficult if you methodically implement the recommendations of the above points. To install the steering, simply insert the plug into the appropriate connector and you can safely enjoy the races. Do not hurry to run to the service center with complaints about the failure of the recent acquisition, if some of the games cannot use it. This game might just not support this device.