You will need
  • - game console;
  • instruction;
  • socket of 220 volts;
  • - strip of felt or other soft material.
Carefully read the instructions that came with the gaming console. Also check the labels and images on the box. Very often the manufacturer gets a detailed diagram of the connections and settings of the device on an external surface of the package.
In General, the procedure of connecting all the consoles identical. It may differ only in details from those or other features.
Select the surface of the table on which you will mount the wheel. Install it and tighten the plastic bolts. Ensure that the attachment is firmly held by the wheel, as most models of consoles has a built-in webmodule. The best under the point of abutment of the mounts to put a strip of felt or other soft material.
Consistently connect the pedals and the wheel. Turn on the power adapter of the console. Connect the console to your computer.
Install disk that comes with the console. Run it. On the computer monitor window opens initial setup of your game console.
Read the text carefully each step and follow all written instructions. The system prompts you to diagnose the installed equipment.
In this program, you can configure basic parameters such as the responsiveness of the steering, the force of the return steering, the sharpness of the gas pedal, the vibration strength.
Then restart the computer. Start the game NFS Most Wanted. Go to settings. In the controllers menu select the console handlebar. Here assign actions to each button. It is best to re-assign each button a specific action, as after the initial installation sometimes the teams are mixed up.
Go to single player mode to drive a couple of laps to check the accuracy of all settings. If necessary, make changes.
If the console doesn't respond well to button presses or does not work in the game, it means that this model does not have the game NFS Most Wanted.
If you experience other problems, please visit the forum dedicated to the game NFS Most Wanted. There you can learn a lot of useful information about the consoles and the gameplay.