USB cable connect the wheel to the computer and, if available, an additional device to the steering wheel. The computer should identify the device. If all at once is working properly, the driver can not install. But it's better to do it, so as to control the Grid, some files may be useful.
Install the software. For this insert driver CD into the computer drive, and then run setup from AutoPlay. If the autorun system is disabled, install the device setup wizard in control panel. Run the installation wizard, locate the list of connected devices, select and click "Next".
Via "Browse" select the disk with the driver and start the installation. When the installation is complete, restart the computer. By the way, if the driver on disk, you can find it on the Internet. The hardware setup wizard will download and install it myself.
Now run Grid and find the menu of the game settings options. Specify the control surface as primary device and set the details of the system. If the game has no menu settings for such devices will have to specify the parameters intuitively.
We must not forget that first connects the steering wheel and then turn on the game. If you do the contrary, in the control settings will not find the controller. Please note that some models with the right connection detect indication. For example, some rudder is the scale of the gas pedal.
The wheel is essentially a management game as an alternative to the keyboard. And the buttons can be configured. For example, the clutch pedal may be some unused button.
Now you have two wheels: one on the display, the second hand. They need to rotate the same synchronously. For this set a neutral linearity. That is, in setting up the "steering Sensitivity" put 50%. This setting will only work with the setting "Limitation of rotation angle". There are quick mode and advanced tuning. In advanced mode there is a setting "Turn the wheels". To make linear neutrality, it is necessary the sensitivity of the steering wheel to reach 50%, and turn to 100%. This will give you adequate driving Grid, full synchronization of virtual and real wheel and with all this opportunity to feel like a real racer.