Periodically, the drain pan overflows and the printer stops working, and on the panel there is the requirement to contact the service center for maintenance and/or replacement of some parts. For inkjet printers the EPSON there is a special program to make this operation as well as having a number of useful functions and is distributed free of charge through the Internet.
Program called SSC Service Utility, and it will help you in some cases. You require a reset or pereproshit any chips using an additional device. You want to lock ("freeze") the ink counters built into the cartridge. You can also individually clean black-and-white and color head of any ink jet printer in EPSON mode, the forced clean-up. Another possibility is to reset the counter of the merged ink (the same "diaper"), even if it is already full.
The program supports more than 100 different models of EPSON and works with Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP. Before use, be sure you need to read the menu "help".
Replacement diapers and reset its counter usually made in the service centers, which is a paid service. The need for this operation occurs periodically when filling diapers when the printer stops working and maintenance in the service center. Using the program you can reset the counter of printer just should not do it all the time without changing diapers or pumping ink out of it because it overflows so that starts to leak.
To avoid going to service center every time you reset the drain ink need to dry the diapers or to organize a constant discharge of ink from it. Competent actions will help to save time and focus on high-quality images.