You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - ordinary toner;
  • - dry silk cloth;
  • a syringe;
  • a liquid toner;
  • - respirator.
In the laser printer toner to replace much heavier than jet. This is due to its design. To refill a laser printer, open the cover and remove the cartridge. Just fill it in a toner will fail. For this you need to take it apart. Remove all side screws so you can remove the shafts and drum. With the latest better watch it. It should not be touched by bare hands. Remove it by the edges. After, clean from the remaining amount of toner with a dry silk cloth and lay it on a flat surface. Almost immediately after the drum is a magnetic roller. Under it is a container, which is filled with toner. When printing the magnetic roller picks the ink powder from the container and evenly applies the photoconductor, and since he prints the picture on paper. The magnetic roller should also be removed and cleaned. The rest of the old toner as it should shake out of the container. Be careful. The toner is very volatile and harmful to health.
This procedure is best carried out in a closed non-room while wearing a respirator. After getting rid of the old dye, pour a new one. Please note that each brand of printer is specifically your toner. Align, reassemble the cartridge and insert it into the printer. Later models of the cartridges equipped with a special chip that monitors the ink levels. And even after refilling the printer will still show that it is empty. To eliminate this problem, you should reflash the chip. For this there are special programs. That's just to paint black. If the color printer, you will either have to contact the service, where the experts with their equipment all season, or buy new ink cartridges with colored paint.
Inkjet printer can be refilled, without disassembling anything. Make a small hole in the tape with black paint. By means of the ordinary syringe, fill the cassette and into the hole tighten the screw, of suitable diameter to not get anything extra. As for cassettes with coloured paint, its like a makeshift way to fill it is impossible. New color cartridge will have to be purchased in the store. Unlike laser printers, inkjet rarely equipped with such chips control the paint. So after refueling no further manipulation do not need. You can safely print. Even if the color ink jet printer will be charged only the black cartridge, it will still work, but as black-and-white.