On the manufacturer's website download program SSC Service Utility. After installing the program, you have to enable it to work with the printer.
Open the program and go to the tab "Settings". In the drop-down list, select the installed printer and printer model.
How to reset <strong>counter</strong> <b>printer</b>
Go to the tab "Monitor ink" and click "Refresh" displays information about printer status. If the bottom of the window will read "Error" and "counter Overflow" then the program can work with the printer, ink counter has reached additional levels. Minimize the program to tray.
How to reset <strong>counter</strong> <b>printer</b>
If you right-click on the program icon, in the menu you can see the current and maximum counter value.
How to reset <strong>counter</strong> <b>printer</b>
To reset the context menu of the program icon, select "Reset counter testing". To the question "have You replaced the absorbent strip", say "Yes". Restart the printer, after which he will begin work in a usual mode.
How to reset <strong>counter</strong> <b>printer</b>