Drying cartridge usually occurs, if it was paint and printer then do not use for a long time. The chance to "revive" it directly depends on how long it has stood without use. If the cartridge is in a dried state for a few months to recover it is very difficult, if not impossible. When the timing in one to two weeks restoring dried ink cartridge is quite a feasible task.

There are several ways of recovery. The first is to try simple, then if did not help, proceed to more complex. To work with the dried cartridge prepare some paper napkins so as not to smear table, plastic lid, alcohol or vodka and squirt. Pour the alcohol into the cap and then dip it in the cartridge for a few hours. Then insert the syringe into the top opening and a strong jet of air blow the cartridge.

If the above procedure doesn't work, try another way. Put the gas on a pot of water, wait until it boils. Then substitute the dried head of the cartridge under a jet of steam and keep it under 5-8 seconds. Then dry with kitchen paper and again hold it over the steam, and so five times. Blow the cartridge with a syringe. This method fails to recover even severely dried cartridges.

To recover thoroughly dried up cartridge you can use special solutions. The first acid. Its composition is: 10% of the essences of acetic acid, 10% alcohol, 80% distilled water. Second – neutral. Composition: 10% glycerol, 10% alcohol, 80% distilled water. Third – base. Composition: 10 % ammonia, 10% spirit, 10% glycerin and 70% distilled water.

On-line try all three solution. The presence of different environments from acidic to alkaline, allows you to soak even very dried up cartridges. The cartridge must be kept in each solution at least 10 hours. After removal from each solution, gently try to blow out the cartridge with a syringe.