On the market

Primitive and fairly simple way to implement your crafts is to sell them in the market from the tray. First of all you need to prepare a sufficient number of products, so buyers had a choice. Otherwise, they may not even notice. If you're not busy on the main job, you can choose to stand at the tray on the market. However, have to pay for the place, and not always it pays off.

If you have friends on the market, ask for their help. Let them take your product for implementation for a percentage of the sale. Set the initial price and the price you can bargain. If your products deserve attention, soon in your pocket will flow a trickle of additional income.

The exhibition

In big cities often held exhibitions and sales of Handicrafts. Usually the announcement of such events printed in Newspapers or the Internet. Go to such an exhibition, preparing at least a dozen of his works. The designers will also have to pay about 500 rubles per day. Such exhibitions are held for 3-5 days, and sometimes 10. So it's time to sell your work, should be enough.

If you think designers are too expensive, and stand all day at the booth you don't want to, you can negotiate with other rukodelnichat. Buy one seat for two people and divide the responsibilities equally. For example, one day you sell work and another day your partner.

Shops of Handicrafts

You should look for these shops. If your work is of interest, then the store can take them to implement. It is not necessary to give your product the first comer shop, walk around a few points. Each of them serves a different percentage. The higher the ratio, the more expensive you have to sell your work.

Via the Internet

But the way to sell handmade items is to sell via the Internet. In order to sell their work through the Internet, necessary them good photos – the higher quality the image, the more interest will be your ad.

Place several ads on the sale. Be sure to each and every ad will include not one, but several pictures of the product in different angles. The price in the advertisement, indicate the highest, for which you hope your work to sell, but at the same time, give the possibility of bargaining.