Select the picture and think about how much time it really embroider, considering your employment and the pace of work. Embroidering a picture, remember this time and try to meet him. For example, if you decided to embroider a picture for the new year, try to do that by the new year she was ready.


It is better to embroider a bit, but every day. Do not sit on a painting for five or more hours. It is better to give your hobby for an hour every day. So you will be better to concentrate on the embroidery, and the back and arms are not very tired.


You can set for yourself a certain amount. For example, to embroider a day 200 crosses. Working in this way, you will be able to accurately calculate the deadline. This is very handy if you want someone to get his picture on a holiday.


Gently relate to the thread. The more orderly you will keep them, the less time you will spend on their search. Ideally you should buy a special container or box where you store all materials (thread, needles, scissors, pattern, embroidery) for a particular picture.


Not too long embroider thread. The longer the thread, the greater the risk to unexpected knot in the wrong place. To unravel the thread, it is not always easy. In any case, you will have to spend time either on the unraveling of the thread, or to consolidate already embroidered and preparation for the new thread.


All that you have already embroidered, paint the diagram with a pencil. The marker or pen is better not to use, so you can always go to the place on the scheme, which is already embroidered. The shading helps to easily navigate the schema and know exactly what is already embroidered.


When embroidering try not to be distracted by other things. It is very easy to draw a picture that is biased towards, if not to watch carefully for the location of the patterns on the canvas. But to unpick and re-sew the same place – the work is long and quite nervous.