Social networking is an excellent advertising DIY

If a person knows nothing about the trade, he will be difficult to integrate into the world of buying and selling. But everything can be learned. Especially now to start her own small business quite easily. It is not necessary to go to the market and sit there behind the counter. To sell their goods at home, sitting at the computer. For this you will need to have a page in one of social networks. You can create a group, choose an appropriate name. An essential attribute will be photos of those handmade crafts. And the more pictures available, the more chance of success in the promotion of their product.

It is necessary to remember about some rules of marketing. The photos of the crafts should be presented in the most favorable light to a potential buyer at the mere sight I wanted to buy them. In a group you can invite different people, including his friends, relatives. Perhaps some of them do not realize that their friend is such a craftswoman, and want to buy DIY handmade.

Of course, do not expect that profits will rise immediately. To promote your product it will take time and effort. You need to improve your skills to DIY and be competitive. At first you should not put a high price for their work.
You need to engage your audience, increase demand, and when things get better, then you should raise the price of their crafts.

Fair creativity

In addition to trading via the Internet, it is possible their crafts to sell in reality. In every city there are fairs. They get to show their creations and to sell them, as well as to learn from other masters. You need to find out where and when such events are held, to apply for participation, to consider both beneficial and interesting to present their handmade crafts.

Again, not worth the exorbitant prices to sell fakes as if they were made by a master of world renown. After all, people initially begin to do creative work not for profit but for spiritual satisfaction, but financial reward is a pleasant component.
You can negotiate with the sales Department and to sell their work. Part of the profits of course will have to pay, but the goods will be on display.

Photos of their work can be published in Newspapers and magazines, to participate in contests. Then the skill will not go unnoticed and will find a buyer. Inaction will lead to the opposite result. Sell DIY handmade will help the so-called word of mouth. First something buy friends, then they'll boast to their relatives and friends, they too will want to buy. So gradually you go trading.