Advice 1: How to sell your drawings

How to sell your drawings – this issue is of interest primarily designers, those who are able to draw on the computer in special graphics editors, such as, for example, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. In the beginning, as a rule, man draws for himself, then for family and friends, and eventually he realizes that he has reached a new level that deserves more attention that his drawings he can earn a lot of money. This article will tell you about how to sell your drawings correctly.
How to sell your drawings
Today the global Network offers many options for the sale of its illustrations, however, the most common and really worthy of attention is the sale of drawings through international agencies or microstock, which in the Internet there are so many. Yes, the sale of pictures via the photo Bank is earning, and is paid accordingly for the work that is the same as any other, but unlike others, here, you earn and enjoy, you work creatively, this work becomes your hobby.
So, how to sell your pictures via the photo Bank.
Let us make the pattern.
Upload your picture on a website of any Bank, with its sign, respectively, by a phrase consisting of keywords.
Wait for the test moderators, after a positive response, which your drawing will be offered for sale.
Expect when your picture is downloaded.
To get a fee.
When working with stock photography, finding your pattern at the specified keywords, the user downloads it, and you at the end of each month get a certain amount for each of these downloads.
The money is automatically listed on your e-wallet or card.
The microstock is essentially a huge collection of various images that are sold online. More precisely, the sale is carried out not for the illustrations, but only a permit for temporary use. To sell it the permission to use your pictures can be an unlimited number of times. Thus, downloading once your drawing, you will be able to receive a fee, which will depend on what edition of the product with your illustration of the rest of my life.
Regular consumers of these products usually are periodical publishers around the world, different advertising agencies, designers, etc.

Advice 2: How to decode children's drawings

A picture of the child conveys his mood, emotions, feelings. Psychologists he can tell about the development and character of the baby. But parents don't always understand the artistry of his crumbs. What can you read in a children's illustration?
How to decode children's drawings
When your baby is happy to show you to draw a picture, ask your child what he drew. After all, everyone sees and interpretirovat figure on its own. Usually, the first impression is most characteristic figure: like or do not like; either light or dark; dim – bright; a positive, friendly or aggressive, etc. after Hearing the explanations of the child, it will be easier to understand and imagine what he wanted to portray. You will be able to help him in a difficult situation when the baby cannot tell what's going on in his mind, but tries to Express it in his drawing.
The color that the kid used during painting, is one of the most striking expressions of his relationship to the environment and people. The use of drawing five or six colors says about the normal, average level of emotional development of the child.
If the child is older than four years with only two draws or one colored pencil, indicates his negative emotional state at a particular moment. Think about how to fill life with the crumbs of positive emotions.
Strong increase or decrease image correction, use "dark" colors you have observed in the drawings of the child for a long time, may indicate his internal psychological discomfort troubles. Be aware that it may speak about the fact that the child is not feeling well or hurt someone.
For children older than five years, a symptom of increased anxiety can serve as strokes and numerous fixes. Pay attention to the densely shaded pupils with exaggerated big eyes. This may be an indication that the child feels a sense of fear.
Watch for an impulsive kid. Often, these children draw sweeping, not bring the line to the end. If your toddler is easily changed mood, in the process of drawing it often changes the force of pressure of a pencil. Have an emotionally and psychologically unstable, weak kids meet the lack of detail in the figure, a weak push. These kids quickly get annoyed and tired.
Useful advice
Picture your baby looks like a finished work, for example, the picture is well-drawn facial features (eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows), hair, clothes, there is a sky, grass, flowers, etc. It indicates the subtle, sensitive nature, characteristic of children aged five to six years and especially for girls.
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