If you put up for sale his work, his value will largely depend on the extent of your fame, of your positions on domestic and foreign art market. If your name is often mentioned in the media, you are well-known in narrow circles of connoisseurs of art, often spend their own exhibitions, the price of your paintings will be the maximum.
The price of paintings of an unknown artist not exhibiting at international exhibitions, will be minimal and depends largely on the standard of living in the country in which the exhibition takes place. In Russia there are very few collectors willing to pay any money for works of art that will bring the fees in the future. The consumer market demand for painting depends on how much willing to pay a specific buyer, buying paintings to decorate your own interior or as a gift to friends, relatives or acquaintances.
To call the value of his paintings you can any, but it is completely unknown whether she'll be in demand and will remain in the gallery, where the exhibition of unknown artists. Therefore, the amount you call the organizers, who are familiar with the prices on the art market. Your right to accept the offer or decline, leaving a picture of myself to better times.
An important factor in the appraised value of the paintings has a story that depicts, quality, design. But it is not crucial.
There are many authors, whose works were not rare, but their value is incredibly high and the demand for pictures is huge. This is due to the fact that the "promotion" of the artist invested a lot of money to have his name heard in the media, it was written in large print on posters promoting overseas exhibitions.