There are several options for embroidery design. The easiest and most expensive is to order a frame in the frame shop. This option makes more sense, if the embroidery is a large area. There are also embroidery kits manufacturers which offer to buy already matched in style and size frame and Passepartout. Another option is to purchase a frame in photoshop. It is inexpensive, but hard to find size and interesting shape. This drawback is simply eliminated by the selection of Mat. If you have enough imagination and skill, frame and passe-partout can be done independently. In this case it is possible to play with forms, materials and design. It is inexpensive and interesting, but time consuming more than anything.
The last three options to insert cross-stitched picture will own you. To do this, first pull the embroidery on a base of cardboard. Carton size take 5-7 mm greater than the window Mat. For stretching there are several ways:

- Glue the embroidery with glue or double-sided tape, first carefully aligning it so that the cell outline was parallel to the edge of the cardboard. Inserted thus work very hard to dismantle, and adhesives are difficult to clean.

- Pull the fabric from the back side threads. Stretch the thread between the opposite edges, as at very wide darn. This allows you to pull tightly, neatly aligned, and easy to disassemble if necessary.
Be sure to route between the stretched surface and the glass Mat. Thanks to this, the embroidery is not flattened. Passepartout made of colored cardboard and decorate it any shaped window, good openings. Can covered with fabric, decorated with various materials. Also try to make a layered Mat, the layers of which are each other.
Press the embroidery to frame the additional heel and fasten with nails or attached with clips. The picture is ready!