You will need
  • To create your online business card.
If you compare the sales of paintings by artists who make transactions through the Internet, we can distinguish those who are good at it and those who can do it a little worse. In order to increase the sale of his paintings, sometimes is insufficient to create a platform for the placement of these paintings. A prerequisite is the promotion of your website, otherwise no one will know.
Imagine that your paintings always buy. On your website which is your business card, is counter sales. Do you think anyone has a good chance to sell paintings in 2 times is more: a person with high sales or Vice versa? The big advantage is a well-designed website. Your gallery is not just called "gallery on-line". The customer can view your work at any time of the day or night.
It should be noted that sales increased in the presence of an autobiography on your website-the business card. The site name should match what it implies. It is desirable to specify in the site name the name of the artist. As a rule, sites with the same name an individual, their address is easy to remember.
Keep in mind that the website design should reflect the "creative minimalism". If you decide to embellish your website unnecessary "twists" and "chips" - it will alienate some visitors. And visitors are your earnings. The more visitors, the higher the chance of selling paintings.