How to check balance of the card Raiffeisenbank

To check the balance by visiting one of the Bank's branches or at the ATM by selecting the option "Request balance". A complete list of offices and addresses for the location of ATMs is on the Raiffeisenbank website.

Remote methods of checking the balance of cards are the most convenient. Raiffeisenbank offers 5 different methods of checking balance), which do not involve a personal visit to the Bank branch.

Via call centre

Cardholders of Raiffeisenbank can always know the available balance on the card by contacting the call centre of the Bank (Information support Service customers). The service also allows you to get the latest information about committed transactions using the card and block the card at its hit in hands of swindlers or in case of loss. Moscow residents must call by phone 8(495)721-91-00 for regions provided a toll-free number 8(800)700-91-00.

Through Raiffeisen TELEINFO

The Raiffeisen TELEINFO system allows you to check the balance on the card without connecting to the operator through a voice menu system. It's round the clock system access to accounts cards. The service can also block the card to obtain a pin, learn credit card debt.

To access the service, you must call the numbers 8(495)777-17-17 (for Moscow) or 8(800)700-17-17 (for other cities). Next you need to pass authorization in the system, the trail of clues. Then select the tone mode item 2 (information card); 1 (balance and recent transactions).


For information about the current balance via SMS need to the number 7234 send test "Balance ****". The asterisks are the last four digits of the card. The service is available only for those who have connected to the service "SMS-notification". The connection is possible through Internet banking, contact centre or directly in the Bank.

If the balance has caused you confusion, text queries allow you to list the last five transactions. To do this, they need to request "statement ****".

Through the Internet Bank or mobile Bank

Internet Bank Raiffeisenbank has broad functionality and allows you not only to learn the available balance at any time, but also to pay for goods and services, transfer funds, etc. To gain access to online banking R-Connect, you must register in the office of the Bank. The entrance is on the page

Also the online Bank have a mobile PDA version of the website, which is designed for owners of smartphones. It has similar functionality. To access the mobile Bank you need to download the app on your phone.

In Raiffeisenbank is possible to obtain monthly Bank statements. This service is free and is sent to customers by mail or electronic address.