You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • card Visa.
Get information about how can you use the "Internet Bank". For this you need to contact one of the branches of your Bank and find out whether this financial institution such service. If it is, specify its value. Usually Internet banking is included in the room service card.
If Internet banking of your Bank has to sign a special supplementary agreement to the contract on opening of the account. Also, the employee will issue you a login and password for your first login.
On the Internet, find the website of your Bank. From the home page go to "Internet banking". Enter in the required fields login and password. If required by system, change it after first log in to your account.
Open section on your account balance. If you have multiple accounts, identify the one that is bound to your Visa card. This account number is listed in your contract for the card.
In this section you will see the balance of your card. If it is shown with a minus sign, it means that you need to Fund your account. If your Visa card - credit, in your account you will see the amount of the minimum payment and the date when it must be paid.
Knowing your card balance, be sure to click the "Exit" button to leave your account. If you do not, the browser can save your password, and your page can access an outsider. This is highly undesirable, as using the Internet Bank you can not only check balance and transfer money to other accounts.