The knowledge content of the work

If the graduation thesis written by you, subject to the laws of logic and is a gross compilation of foreign articles in the absence of your insights and small finds on the subject studied, the content should just be absorbed into your brain. Much more difficult if the work, as sometimes it happens, made to order and, therefore, do you know her well enough. In this case, you should pay due attention to the study contents of the thesis and conclusions to individual chapters. Directly in front of the defence again, please read the work. Harm from it just will not. This will allow though as-that to prepare for questions of the Commission.

Scientific papers

In preparation for the thesis defense you can once again explore all the most famous research on your topic. Quite often, thesis Committee members ask questions, assuming the existence of such knowledge. The very essence of the final work is to study theoretical bases, scientific studies and other literature on a chosen topic. Based on this, the student draws conclusions and makes suggestions for solving problems. So often on the defense to ask questions regarding the studies the most famous authors whose works contribute to reveal your topic.


To protect a student read out or retold pre-written report. It should be an indication of the importance of research in this area. Also you can briefly define the problem, purpose of the work. Outlining the essence of the thesis, is to touch all major issues, summarize the scientific achievements in this field and to draw their own conclusions. The presentation must be clear, reasonable and logical. Only in this case, listening to your audience will be able to appreciate your work.

Welcome, if attached presentation in graphs, diagrams and other additional materials on the topic. They will allow you to concentrate the Commission's attention to the problems outlined by you in the report.

A positive attitude

A good mood will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the Commission. The night before the defense you need to relax and sleep. This will allow you to be more calm, collected and ready for brainstorming. Defense of the thesis is, of course, the occasion for the student.