Diploma - responsible and serious event, so let your appearance fit the occasion. "Graduation" outfit has to solve two tasks - to help you feel more confident and to make a favorable impression on the members of the Commission. When selecting a at the same time think about whether he likes you, and how the Board will perceive you in it.
There is a standard unspoken rules - the clothes on the protection of the diploma must be in business formal style, not extravagant and in any case not the caller. Short skirts and blouses with a neckline and also clothes from colorful fabrics it is better to postpone for other events. You don't know how conservative are your "referees", so that classical minimalism will be your optimal choice.
At the same time don't choose too boring attire, the presence of raisins would be a plus. After all, graduation is a solemn moment, so the elegance is encouraged. Many people prefer the event to go to a new one specifically for this occasion bought clothes. But most importantly, it needs to look neat and tidy, be clean and ironed. In addition, think about your comfort: if you go in a skirt, she should not overturn or be narrow. What will the outfit, the easier it will be to focus on more important things, such as your statement.
Classic color scheme for graduation is as follows: light (usually white) shirt and dark trousers. For girls - bright blouse and dark skirt, and for guys, respectively - shirt and pants. Possible details - the blouse can be white, cream, beige or light gray. A girl can wear a blouse with pants or beige Trouser suit as black sheath dress. A good idea to look dark waistcoat or jacket, worn over a bright blouse or shirt. Pale blue or blue may also be a good decision because in psychology are considered the flowers of intellect and will help members to perceive you as a knowledgeable person. At the same time, red, orange, yellow and other bright colors is better to exclude.
Don't forget to pick up your costume and buy a pair of shoes, also in a classic style. Girls should wear shoes with heels but not too high - it will be more appropriate and convenient. Gently lay the hair and avoid bright makeup.