Carefully examine your thesis. Read the diploma, written not by you, is a crucial element in the preparation of his defence before the Commission. Therefore, it is desirable to pick up the finished work the contractor is not less than a month before the event. Read cum three or four times to memorize the main points, structure of the work, the content of the chapters and information in General.
Pay attention to the introduction and conclusion. These two sections provide the greatest value to the members of the Commission, because during your speech, they only have time to read them. But the same value they have, and when making a speech a speech, because reveal the content of the work, its structure, goals and objectives, as well as the main conclusions and achievements of the study.
Write speech. Statement to the Commission is your monologue with a description of the work, then you will be asked clarifying questions. It should contain mandatory clauses: the title of the work, the relevance of the topic, the methodological framework aims and objectives, the structure of the work with a brief description of Chapter content.
Most of the speech is given to the conclusions and results of the study, so they should pay special attention. At the end please note that the topic is vast and requires further study. If it is written correctly, then the members of the Commission are unlikely to encounter any issues. Writing the text, please contact your thesis supervisor for assessment and making adjustments.