Advice 1: How to defend the diploma, if it is not itself written

Protection of diploma work is the final step in receiving higher education. Writing project is given a lot of time, but this does not prevent the students to involve the creation of a working party of people.
How to defend the diploma, if it is not itself written
Carefully examine your thesis. Read the diploma, written not by you, is a crucial element in the preparation of his defence before the Commission. Therefore, it is desirable to pick up the finished work the contractor is not less than a month before the event. Read cum three or four times to memorize the main points, structure of the work, the content of the chapters and information in General.
Pay attention to the introduction and conclusion. These two sections provide the greatest value to the members of the Commission, because during your speech, they only have time to read them. But the same value they have, and when making a speech a speech, because reveal the content of the work, its structure, goals and objectives, as well as the main conclusions and achievements of the study.
Write speech. Statement to the Commission is your monologue with a description of the work, then you will be asked clarifying questions. It should contain mandatory clauses: the title of the work, the relevance of the topic, the methodological framework aims and objectives, the structure of the work with a brief description of Chapter content.
Most of the speech is given to the conclusions and results of the study, so they should pay special attention. At the end please note that the topic is vast and requires further study. If it is written correctly, then the members of the Commission are unlikely to encounter any issues. Writing the text, please contact your thesis supervisor for assessment and making adjustments.
The text of the speech on the protection of memorize. You can peep into the sheet, but in any case not to read from it. Remember that your performance affects the score more than the content of the work itself.
Useful advice
During the performance, try to contain your excitement, hold with dignity. If you pull the diploma, the Commission will become suspicious.

Advice 2 : How to flash a diploma

When approaching the deadline of the diploma, students begin to think about how his flash. Strict requirements for binding of the thesis do not allow for design hole punch and a binder. To the most recent and important work of the student look presentable and neat, it can be a twist on plastic comb. This method of binding will not take much time and will give your work a beautiful and finished appearance and will greatly increase your chances of getting high grades.
How to flash a diploma
You will need
  • - printed on sheets And 4 pages of the thesis;
  • mechanical Procurator;
  • plastic translucent front cover;
  • - back cover made of cardboard;
  • - plastic spring for binding.
To flash the diploma, first place the unnecessary sheet is A-4 in Procurator set the desired width of the sheet, if Procurator adapted for piercing paper of different sizes. If there is such a function, then set the depth of the perforation.
The side holders have to be tightly pressed against a sheet of paper on both sides to prevent displacement of the pages when binding. Pull the handle Procurator on and down to check the correct position of the sheet and the quality of perforation. Remove a test sheet of paper and put it aside.
Insert a stack of pages in Procurator so that the leaves touched the far wall of the compartment for paper, and was mounted side holders. Page should not protrude from the pile, its edges should be smooth. At the same time do not insert more than 15 pages, as in this case, the hole in the paper may be punched not to the end.
Pull the handle Procurator on and all the way down and release it. Do not attempt to penetrate leaves more time for reassurance from an incomplete perforation - re-made holes may not coincide with those that were punched earlier. Remove the sheets from the paper roll compartment. Thus perforeret all pages of the thesis, the transparent and the opaque cover of the diploma.
Pull the special lever located on the right side of procuratore towards yourself and select the appropriate spring diameter, following the prompts on the body of Procurator.
Place the plastic comb into the comb so that the teeth of the spring was directed upwards. Pull the lever on the right side of Procurator, in itself, the spring is opened up a bit. Take the parts perforated sheets of diploma and wear them holes on the prongs of the spring.
When all pages of the diploma will be threaded on the spring return lever to its original position, the spring is closed.
Gently pull out the tray for waste paper from the perforation and remove the accumulated paper scraps. insert the tray into place.
Useful advice
To add or remove pages from a thesis, do all steps in reverse order.

Advice 3 : How to confirm Ukrainian diploma

In Russia and in other countries with a degree have the right to work is not only people who graduated from local universities and received their diplomas, but those who have studied in another country, for example, in Ukraine. But in some situations, this degree will need to confirm.
How to confirm Ukrainian diploma
You will need
  • - copy of passport;
  • receipt of payment of duty;
  • Ukrainian certificate;
  • - translation of the diploma.
Ask your future or current employer if you really need to confirm the diploma. In many professions will be enough of your knowledge and skills without any additional procedures and checks. In the case where a diploma is required, for example, when working in the field of medicine, you will in any case have to confirm their document on higher education.
Prepare the necessary documents. Ukrainian diploma must be legalized, that is to put an apostille on it. This can be done by a notary. But if the lawyer refuses because of his ignorance of the Ukrainian language, you can contact the Ukrainian Embassy where your document will need to put the certifying seal. Also you will have to translate the diploma and the Annex thereto, after the apostille. The translation must be notarised and done by a certified translator, which can be found in various translation agencies.
Pay the fee for the paperwork. This can be done through any Bank. Details can be found on the website of Rosobrnadzor.
Contact Rosobrnadzor. This organization deals with confirmation of foreign diplomas, otherwise known as nostrification. To start, fill in the electronic application form posted on the official website of the organization you can Then transfer the documents to confirm personally coming to the office at the address: Moscow, street Ordzhonikidze, the house 11,building 9, office 13. If you are not in Moscow, then send the documents by mail to a different address 117997, Moscow, street Shabolovka, 33. Wait for clearance of the necessary documents on confirmation of a diploma, and then get it in person or by mail.
Useful advice
In other countries, for example, in Europe, the acknowledgment of diplomas takes place following the same pattern. Typically, this involved Ministerstva education. To help you will be able the Russian Consulate in your country of choice.

Advice 4 : Is it difficult to defend the thesis

In the life of every student there comes a difficult time, such as writing and submitting the thesis. The very defense of the thesis be sustained by all students, sometimes "cresas" even on the easiest questions. That is why students are becoming interested in the complexity of the thesis defense.
Is it difficult to defend the thesis
If you treat the defense of the diploma work is the same as the last, final step between your studies and your future job, to take the most important exam you can effortlessly. It's all in the attitude! Also it should all be carefully considered, to assess the relevance of your graduation project, learn how to interest the Commission in its work and answers to specific questions.

Is it difficult to defend the thesis

First, let's say that students regularly attending classes and assimilate training materials, can easily pass all the exams and brilliantly to defend a thesis. Those people who often miss classes to undertake study in a slipshod manner, often have difficulties during graduation.

How to write a diploma

Most students usually for a long time throw the writing of the thesis, and in the last weeks (or days) trying to quickly finish a barely started project. Written in this way often represent a strange selection of quotations and extracts from various books, magazines and books. Supervisors to assist and guide students during the writing operation, are unable to help their students, as they often have to write part of a thesis for students.

If you are interested in the successful writing of the thesis, you will have to write a diploma little by little every day, as soon as you receive and agree with the head of the paper's topic. As unpleasant as that was, but sometimes have to force myself, because time flies very quickly and, laying aside for awhile the writing of the diploma, you are horrified to notice that before putting the remaining weeks. Then you have to do everything in a hurry, as originally conceived, the work will not be accurate.

How easy it is to defend a thesis

Before the protection work make a list of prospective questions that you will ask a Commission. Also, determine the questions is a trick that can ask members of the examination Committee. Best of all write down the answers to these questions and memorize them. During the graduation be confident, and do not get lost and do not give up ahead of time – just so you will make an impression on the Commission and provide them with the insights and issues raised by your thesis. Applying these tips you will be sure to protect the diploma is not so difficult!

Advice 5 : Why you need a diploma

Many parents almost from childhood, telling your child the idea that higher education is the Foundation of a successful future. As a student, person seeks higher to graduate with honors, to prove their worth. But leaving the walls of the home University with honors, only a few understand what to do next.
The awarding of honors

What is a red diploma

Diploma issued by the University for successful teaching. To obtain it, the student must have 75% of all items (counted from the first year) a rating of "excellent". This includes tests and exams. The remaining 25% of all items must be stored either as "excellent" or "good".

The advantage in the job

It used to be that a diploma is an unquestionable indicator of human knowledge. Naturally, these people took on the job as professionals more often than others.

But times change, and today the situation is almost the opposite of what happened earlier. Now rarely the employer is looking for a color graduation, often requires professionals who already have experience. The man that all his time was given to studying, working on "red crust" hardly had the opportunity to gain experience.

In modern society gradually formed a stereotype that "excellent", having a standard way of thinking, is not able to cope with difficult situations at work very much. At that time, as "the Trinity", used to "spin" and find a way out of any situation, have learned to cope with the difficulties.


The fact that in recent time corruption in higher education seem to have reached its peak. And almost everyone understands this. Teachers often demand bribes from their students: the higher the bribe, the higher the rating. So now few people believe the red diploma because he may be not real.

Further education

A diploma may be needed for those who want to go to graduate school. Usually these are students who want to devote his life to science or teaching. Besides three more years of study provide respite from the army and provide cheap housing.

The selection of candidates the selection Committee in cases of dispute, preference for those who have a diploma.

If your diploma is real, earned by honest labor, then all this knowledge will help you in future training.


Diploma today has little to no social value. Meanwhile, the study on "excellent" helps "provided" student life in most universities for "five" is entitled to the scholarship, and for outstanding still and elevated.

Especially for some people, a diploma is a good way to assert themselves at the expense of knowledge and employee development. Most importantly, relax and don't stop learning after graduation. True knowledge is verified in practice and life experience.
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