Advice 1: How to set the table for the protection of the diploma

Any student wants to pass the state exams and defend their diploma. Gifts, flowers, set the table will help allow the examination Commission in a great mood. Perhaps then the "protection" will take place in a friendly atmosphere.
Table on the protection of the diploma

Reception during graduation

Of course, the most powerful argument for quality evaluation will be the student's knowledge. But each delicious dish is a culinary Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of teachers towards students. It will help to impress the examiners have a positive effect.

It is important to determine when exactly to lay the table before or after exams. Usually a feast to celebrate a fact.

If the situation at the University is democratic, then let some analogue non-alcoholic cocktail in between graduation students.

That's what dishes might include a buffet:

proteins boiled eggs with red caviar;
- canapés several types;
- ham roulette;
- pies;
- juices, mineral water.

Diploma – long process, the Commission will be tired, hungry. And every teacher needs to be in a blissful state of mind. These meals will help them to reinforce the strength to put the whole group in a journal of only positive mark.

After all pass the exams or before, you can set the table more thoroughly. There are 3 options:

- order food in a café or restaurant (but buying ready meals are quite expensive and not all students are willing to sacrifice a considerable sum);
selected some activists who are well prepared; they will win their delicious examiners, they will become more loyal and friendly;
- portion snacks to buy, and some brought from home.

What to prepare for thesis defense

Snacks is not difficult to cook. Homemade is much cheaper purchase, if you try, they won't budge "restaurant" in appearance and taste.

Try while gosov graduation to surprise the teachers here is a delicious snack that is prepared quickly and requires the use of at least products, you can call it "Camisia". Here is what you will need:

- savoury biscuits such as crackers;
- hard cheese;
- bacon.

First, you need to calculate how much during the AGM will be examiners. Better to do more snacks, as students will want to eat.

Finely grate the cheese on a grater, put it on cookies and Obratite each strip of bacon. Now we need to put cookies on a baking sheet and put it in a preheated 180oC oven for about 30 minutes. Then a dish called "Camisia", and perhaps "Commission" is removed, cooled, put in plastic bag and carry to the UNIVERSITY. There it was heated in a microwave oven and served. Of course, it is better to know how to spell the word "Commission" to adequately pass the final exams and call the dish correctly – "For the respected Commission."

Easy to do and rolls with ham, to also apply for the protection of the diploma. Best buy cuts, filled with: cheese, eggs, greens, mixed with mayonnaise. Then roll it up, toothpick stabbing.

It also created a variety of canapés, snack bars and sweet. Do not forget to beautifully decorate a table graduation flowers, balloons, and a great atmosphere is guaranteed.

Advice 2 : How to prepare a cocktail

The buffet reception is the most simple and affordable way to organize a feast for a large number of guests. It is very easy to create a festive abundance with little financial costs and give the event a relaxed and easy atmosphere.
With the buffet table a festive mood is guaranteed.
You will need
  • cloth;
  • - swipe;
  • - decorative skewers, skewer or toothpick;
  • snack bars and/or pie shops - plates;
  • snack bars and/or dessert forks;
  • - fruit and/or dessert knives;
  • Cutlery for shifting the treats;
  • - openers for bottles;
  • - glasses and glasses for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;
  • - glasses for alcoholic drinks;
  • - multi-tiered vases;
  • - meals for snacks;
  • - dishes under hot;
  • - bowls;
  • - cups and saucers for coffee and tea;
  • - tea and coffee spoons.
The buffet comes from the French word "fork", i.e. all meals with such a table, you can take a fork and they should not be cut with a knife. Cold appetizers, main course, cheese, bread, and desserts are served on the table, cut into small pieces which are entirely possible to put in your mouth. There are also special options, a La carte appetizers: canapés, tarts, tartlets with various fillings.
Because buffet reception provides free movement and communication of guests - consider how to properly organize the space. There are several variants of arrangement of tables:
1.A long and spacious table set in the middle of the room – if your event does not involve dancing or special programs that require a separate space. Generally, this table is built from several small tables and served by one or more tablecloths.
2.The same table is along the wall – if you are throwing an event where your guests will dance or will become participants of the presentation.
3.Install a few small (preferably round) table - if your reception requires special refinement and you have a lot of space. The tables are spread out so that your guests feel comfortable to move between them without interfering with each other.
Cookware should be placed as follows:
- the plates are stacked, place evenly at the ends of the table or along the edges of the table in equal distance;
- the forks are beautifully spread out on decorative plates or trays and place the ends of the table. In case the plates along the table, forks are placed directly on the table beside a stack of plates and their number is equal to the number of plates in the stack;
- swipe in a special place holders along the table in equal distance;
- wine glasses, goblets and wine glasses, place rows at the ends of the table or along the table in equal distance.If several tables, the main part of dishes and Cutlery, place evenly on all the tables, and reserve on a separate table.
Left to correctly place the dishes with treats.
When the location of the table in the middle of the room provided by the bilateral placement of dishes. Large dishes and stacked vase set in the center of the table, on both sides - dishes in bowls, and closer to the edges of the dishes in small plates.
If the table is installed along the wall, large dishes and stacked vase, set at the far edge of the table, center - dishes in the bowls and near edge dishes in small plates. In each dish place the Cutlery for shifting the treats. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks spread along the table in equal distance, next put openers for bottles. Sauces put next to the relevant dishes. Don't forget salt and pepper. For tea, coffee and desserts highlight a particular area on the table. If several tables, each form of food set on a separate table.
1.The edge of the table should be free for guests to put their plates.
2.If you do not have a sufficient number of the same dishes, then, avoid variegation, the dishes spread on the table to homogeneous groups.
Useful advice
1.Prepare dishes about 3 times more than expected guests at the reception. This will allow you not to distract from the guests.
2.As for seats buffet table not provided – put up a couple of chairs and armchairs to relax and chat to your guests a bit in side.
3.Take care of the table decoration - put a vase with flowers, candles.
4.Put a special table for used dishes and arrange the presence of musoroprovodnaja for used napkins, skewers and toothpicks.

Advice 3 : How to set the table for a buffet

The Banquet is the Banquet, when all the guests drink and eat standing up. The peculiarity of this type of organization of festive events is that guests spend more time socializing with each other than eating and drinking. Unlike traditionalstole buffet more democratic. Activities can be arranged, when in a limited time to accept large number of guests.
The Banquet table
Banquet tablecloths cover the buffet tables so that the ends around the table hung the same way, approximately 5-10 cm from the floor. Tuck the corners of the tablecloth from the face sides inside, and tie the ends with the sides, forming a straight angle.
Menu buffet consists of a wide range of snacks. Can include the second hot dishes, such as Turkey or suckling pig, fried whole. Cut meat into small chunks, without disturbing the shape of the carcass. Eat this dish using the snack plate and snack devices. All the snacks make small portions, so they were convenient to eat standing up using a fork.
In the center of the table for buffet prepare the food, the edges of the stack of plates, Cutlery and glasses for alcoholic and soft drinks.
Arrange the dishes so that it was available to all guests who have already put in a plate of snacks, and for those who are just going to do it.
Plates and wine glasses should be enough to not go for more dishes, and quietly chat with friends.
The main part of the snacks are small sandwiches, canapes, meat balls or little patties, salads, small pancakes with different fillings, tomatoes, pickles, small cakes, marinated mushrooms.
Be sure your table should be meat skewers, seafood and fish on small skewers, mushrooms, baked in sour cream in galenica.
Alcoholic beverages choose the table according to your taste – it can be cognac, vodka, whiskey and wine.
Soft drinks supply: mineral water, liter box of juice, coke.
Organize the supply of fruit and dessert. Ready-made honey cake cut into small cubes and each cube stick a toothpick.
Prepare the required number of paper napkins and musorofiti, where guests will be able to throw a napkin or a half-eaten piece.

Advice 4 : What you need for graduation

The diploma is the final stage of training. To get it, you must spend a lot of energy and have a lot of patience. But the crucial moment comes, when it comes time for protection.
The long-awaited diploma
You will need
  • Finished diploma, posters or video presentation, handouts, pointer, review, opinion, prepared speech
When the diploma is ready and it seems that the hard part is over, begins one of the most difficult stages: preparation of the defense. First and foremost, you need to prepare all the extra sheets for the diploma, then, posters or presentation. And most importantly - preparing the speech for protection.
Opinion and review for diploma or graduation qualification thesis preparing thesis Director. These forms should be in a folder with a diploma.

Proven diploma with all the documents should be listed in a specified time to the office of graduate design. If you do not pass everything in time, there will be no access to protection. So you should check in advance without waiting for the deadline.
Now comes the turn of preparing illustrative material. It can be either posters, or presentation. Before you create you need to study the standards implementation. They should be the guidelines for the implementation of the thesis.

Standard developed 6 posters and 6 sheets of the presentation. On the first poster in the upper right corner is the inscription "Poster 1". The rest shall bear the same inscription, but with a different number. In the bottom right corner put 2 labels one below the other "Performed____" and "Checked___". Beside the records shall be signed by an artist (one who is protected by this poster) and the person who checked the posters of the degree head.

Usually posters are performed according to certain unwritten standards. Poster 1 is performed according to the Chapter introduction. Poster 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 2, 3 chapters of a diploma. Poster 6 - conclusions and recommendations. With this placement of visual information is the easiest way to tell them about the diploma.

Posters are printed in a single copy. An additional advantage will print on A4 for each member of the attestation Commission.
When the posters are ready, I start preparing the speech for protection. This should be a brief summary, telling about the work performed.

Sure in the beginning of the speech to make: "Dear Chairman. Dear members of the state attestation Commission, student name group defense of diploma work ready. Allow me to begin".

First and foremost, you need to specify the subject of the thesis, and then to note its relevance in the present time. Then begins a small story Chapter by Chapter. In conclusion, we need to talk about findings and recommendations. It must be associated with posters made earlier.

To teach it it is desirable at least 1 week. Also preferably several times to tell it to someone close to you. Then not so will be terrible on the defense.
The day before the designated protection you need to prepare all the material, so in the morning not to forget anything. Bring posters or a CD with a presentation pointer and handouts.

Not worth repeating it all night. Better to be early to bed and to sleep.
Is not necessary to drink any sedative. They inhibit brain function. It is better to calmly repeat material for protection.

Before you go out, ask the group to help hang posters. Themselves engage in distributing material to members of the Commission.

Don't forget to take a pointer, or handle. Stick the posters on your finger very ugly. And the subject in hand has a calming effect.

Remember that none of the members of the Commission does not know the topic of the diploma as well as knows her defending. So you can be calm. Even if you have forgotten the text of the speech, it is possible to improvise on the basis of information posters. The main thing is to be confident.

After the end of the speech maples Commission will try to fill up with questions. Can even say that the thesis is not consistent with the information in it. Defend your opinion, be stubborn. Because it affects the final grade. In any case can not be quiet, to get lost. Need to say something. And then a good score is guaranteed.
Before protection repeat definition on the subject of the diploma. They may ask members of the Commission.
Useful advice
Before exams worry. A diploma is no exception. Shouldn't exhaust yourself. In most cases, if the state exams, the diploma will be protected.
Is the advice useful?