Advice 1: How to set the table for the protection of the diploma

Any student wants to pass the state exams and defend their diploma. Gifts, flowers, set the table will help allow the examination Commission in a great mood. Perhaps then the "protection" will take place in a friendly atmosphere.
Table on the protection of the diploma

Reception during graduation

Of course, the most powerful argument for quality evaluation will be the student's knowledge. But each delicious dish is a culinary Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of teachers towards students. It will help to impress the examiners have a positive effect.

It is important to determine when exactly to lay the table before or after exams. Usually a feast to celebrate a fact.

If the situation at the University is democratic, then let some analogue non-alcoholic cocktail in between graduation students.

That's what dishes might include a buffet:

proteins boiled eggs with red caviar;
- canapés several types;
- ham roulette;
- pies;
- juices, mineral water.

Diploma – long process, the Commission will be tired, hungry. And every teacher needs to be in a blissful state of mind. These meals will help them to reinforce the strength to put the whole group in a journal of only positive mark.

After all pass the exams or before, you can set the table more thoroughly. There are 3 options:

- order food in a café or restaurant (but buying ready meals are quite expensive and not all students are willing to sacrifice a considerable sum);
selected some activists who are well prepared; they will win their delicious examiners, they will become more loyal and friendly;
- portion snacks to buy, and some brought from home.

What to prepare for thesis defense

Snacks is not difficult to cook. Homemade is much cheaper purchase, if you try, they won't budge "restaurant" in appearance and taste.

Try while gosov graduation to surprise the teachers here is a delicious snack that is prepared quickly and requires the use of at least products, you can call it "Camisia". Here is what you will need:

- savoury biscuits such as crackers;
- hard cheese;
- bacon.

First, you need to calculate how much during the AGM will be examiners. Better to do more snacks, as students will want to eat.

Finely grate the cheese on a grater, put it on cookies and Obratite each strip of bacon. Now we need to put cookies on a baking sheet and put it in a preheated 180oC oven for about 30 minutes. Then a dish called "Camisia", and perhaps "Commission" is removed, cooled, put in plastic bag and carry to the UNIVERSITY. There it was heated in a microwave oven and served. Of course, it is better to know how to spell the word "Commission" to adequately pass the final exams and call the dish correctly – "For the respected Commission."

Easy to do and rolls with ham, to also apply for the protection of the diploma. Best buy cuts, filled with: cheese, eggs, greens, mixed with mayonnaise. Then roll it up, toothpick stabbing.

It also created a variety of canapés, snack bars and sweet. Do not forget to beautifully decorate a table graduation flowers, balloons, and a great atmosphere is guaranteed.

Advice 2 : How to prepare a speech for graduation

The defense of diploma project - one of the final steps on the path to receive the document on higher education. It consists not only of the actual conduct and design of research, but writing the speech that will be spoken before the Commission.
How to prepare a speech for graduation
Carefully review your thesis project. Highlight its features and main achievements. To start it is with the relevance of the theme of the work. Mark, what exactly is her interest to the scientific community, what is the degree of development of the topic to date. Mention about why you come to work with her, that is, justify the choice of the topic. Clearly describe the goals and objectives of the study.
Describe the structure of the work. List the chapters and sections, some revealing their contents. So you provide the Committee with the opportunity to understand what was going on in your degree. Try not to focus on theoretical aspects. The Commission is more important to know that contains your practical part. Give more time to the analysis of the object and the subject indicated in the introduction.
Tell us about the methodological basis for your work. The best way to reflect this information will have a choice of several authors and showing diverse opinion on the same issue. It is advisable to list at least five books, monographs, articles or manuals.
Provide the results of your work. They will be marking the achieved goals, solving problems, forming several conclusions on the problem. A must-have item are recommendations for improving the activities of the facility.
Read the finished speech aloud, not forgetting to note the time. Usually, one performance is given five to eight minutes. To keep within this limit is necessary because otherwise you can interrupt in the middle that will not allow the Commission to evaluate your project appreciated.
Be sure to visit the pre-defense. This event will allow you to assess the reaction of the audience to work on their public speaking skills and incorporate comments. In addition, try to remember questions that you asked. Perhaps it is they you have to answer on defense.
Useful advice
Without going into the details of your research. Speech protection should only superficially to cover your project. Her goal is to appeal to the Commission, show your achievements and to present the findings and recommendations based on the study.

Advice 3 : Is it difficult to defend the thesis

In the life of every student there comes a difficult time, such as writing and submitting the thesis. The very defense of the thesis be sustained by all students, sometimes "cresas" even on the easiest questions. That is why students are becoming interested in the complexity of the thesis defense.
Is it difficult to defend the thesis
If you treat the defense of the diploma work is the same as the last, final step between your studies and your future job, to take the most important exam you can effortlessly. It's all in the attitude! Also it should all be carefully considered, to assess the relevance of your graduation project, learn how to interest the Commission in its work and answers to specific questions.

Is it difficult to defend the thesis

First, let's say that students regularly attending classes and assimilate training materials, can easily pass all the exams and brilliantly to defend a thesis. Those people who often miss classes to undertake study in a slipshod manner, often have difficulties during graduation.

How to write a diploma

Most students usually for a long time throw the writing of the thesis, and in the last weeks (or days) trying to quickly finish a barely started project. Written in this way often represent a strange selection of quotations and extracts from various books, magazines and books. Supervisors to assist and guide students during the writing operation, are unable to help their students, as they often have to write part of a thesis for students.

If you are interested in the successful writing of the thesis, you will have to write a diploma little by little every day, as soon as you receive and agree with the head of the paper's topic. As unpleasant as that was, but sometimes have to force myself, because time flies very quickly and, laying aside for awhile the writing of the diploma, you are horrified to notice that before putting the remaining weeks. Then you have to do everything in a hurry, as originally conceived, the work will not be accurate.

How easy it is to defend a thesis

Before the protection work make a list of prospective questions that you will ask a Commission. Also, determine the questions is a trick that can ask members of the examination Committee. Best of all write down the answers to these questions and memorize them. During the graduation be confident, and do not get lost and do not give up ahead of time – just so you will make an impression on the Commission and provide them with the insights and issues raised by your thesis. Applying these tips you will be sure to protect the diploma is not so difficult!

Advice 4 : How is the defense of the diploma thesis

The thesis defense is the last effort, a decisive breakthrough that will make every student to obtain the document on education, higher or secondary professional.
How is the defense of the diploma thesis

Everyone should know graduate

You can study as a fee, or for free, in person, by correspondence or at evening classes – procedure for the protection of the diploma thesis is identical everywhere. Defence of a thesis must pass before the attestation Commission, which includes at least 10 people. Moreover, it is worth considering that among them will be professors, some will come from other cities to evaluate the quality of training of graduates of your institution. The Commission is headed by the Chairman. He could not directly understand the theme of your work, but in the field of knowledge in which you defend, is strong for sure.

For the protection of the thesis is provided with a spacious audience, because all applicants-graduate students will be present in the office, and all graduate leaders, including yours.

How to behave on the protection of

Traditionally, the protection is in the following scenario. Initially, the graduate student read the report, which was presented at the undergraduate protection and verified by a Manager. Reading by heart, without relying on paper. But it is more suitable for those who theme is absolutely. About the speaker takes no more than 10 minutes.

At this time, the members of attestation Commission have the opportunity to see directly with thesis, as it is in front of them on the table. However, it is worth saying that to notice any significant flaws at the time of protection is hardly possible, as so little time. If the work has a practical visual part, handouts, drawings, the Commission will pay attention primarily on them.

In recent years, many graduates accompany his speech at the defense presentation. It's always impressive. But if you haven't scheduled a presentation, don't worry. Importantly, to put in his speech, accents, point out the novelty and relevance of the study on the practical significance and use.

For a successful performance you must have a good knowledge of the topic of their research, ability to speak before an audience and the main thing – to cope with anxiety and try to speak confidently. It's always captivating the audience. Be prepared that after you finish talking, you will be asked questions, perhaps even beyond the scope of the thesis. Questions will be able to enter your opponents – sitting in the hall classmates. It is important at this point to focus and safely give your opinion using expressions "in my opinion", "in my opinion" and so forth. the minimal gestures, if you got used to it.
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