Reception during graduation

Of course, the most powerful argument for quality evaluation will be the student's knowledge. But each delicious dish is a culinary Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of teachers towards students. It will help to impress the examiners have a positive effect.

It is important to determine when exactly to lay the table before or after exams. Usually a feast to celebrate a fact.

If the situation at the University is democratic, then let some analogue non-alcoholic cocktail in between graduation students.

That's what dishes might include a buffet:

proteins boiled eggs with red caviar;
- canapés several types;
- ham roulette;
- pies;
- juices, mineral water.

Diploma – long process, the Commission will be tired, hungry. And every teacher needs to be in a blissful state of mind. These meals will help them to reinforce the strength to put the whole group in a journal of only positive mark.

After all pass the exams or before, you can set the table more thoroughly. There are 3 options:

- order food in a café or restaurant (but buying ready meals are quite expensive and not all students are willing to sacrifice a considerable sum);
selected some activists who are well prepared; they will win their delicious examiners, they will become more loyal and friendly;
- portion snacks to buy, and some brought from home.

What to prepare for thesis defense

Snacks is not difficult to cook. Homemade is much cheaper purchase, if you try, they won't budge "restaurant" in appearance and taste.

Try while gosov graduation to surprise the teachers here is a delicious snack that is prepared quickly and requires the use of at least products, you can call it "Camisia". Here is what you will need:

- savoury biscuits such as crackers;
- hard cheese;
- bacon.

First, you need to calculate how much during the AGM will be examiners. Better to do more snacks, as students will want to eat.

Finely grate the cheese on a grater, put it on cookies and Obratite each strip of bacon. Now we need to put cookies on a baking sheet and put it in a preheated 180oC oven for about 30 minutes. Then a dish called "Camisia", and perhaps "Commission" is removed, cooled, put in plastic bag and carry to the UNIVERSITY. There it was heated in a microwave oven and served. Of course, it is better to know how to spell the word "Commission" to adequately pass the final exams and call the dish correctly – "For the respected Commission."

Easy to do and rolls with ham, to also apply for the protection of the diploma. Best buy cuts, filled with: cheese, eggs, greens, mixed with mayonnaise. Then roll it up, toothpick stabbing.

It also created a variety of canapés, snack bars and sweet. Do not forget to beautifully decorate a table graduation flowers, balloons, and a great atmosphere is guaranteed.