You will need
  • - gym membership
Let's start with the shoulders which define the centrifugal force of the hand. To work out the shoulders it is necessary to use front, rear and side of the Delta. They worked rotating movements with weights. Perform the following exercises:
- Lifting of the dumbbells standing in front of him (six approaches of eight repetitions)
- Dumbbell standing lifts to the side (the six approaches of eight repetitions)
- The layout of dumbbells back in an inclined position (five approaches on eight repetitions)
- Lifting a barbell over his head with a lowering of the head (five approaches for six repetitions)
- Lifting barbells over the head lowering in front of him (five approaches for six repetitions)
Worked out biceps and triceps hands. To work the biceps, perform the following exercises:- Flexion of the hands on the bench with the focus with the E-Z rod (six approaches of eight repetitions)
- Alternating bending of hands with dumbbells in the standing position (six approaches of eight repetitions)
- Bending of hands with dumbbells with uproom on the knee (five podogov seven repetitions for each hand)To work out the triceps do the following exercises:
- Extension arms with E-Z barbell on the straight bench (four sets of eight repetitions)
- Extension arms with a dumbbell because of the head (six approaches of eight repetitions for each hand)
- Extension arms with dumbbells in the slope position, emphasizing the knee on the bench (five approaches in eight repetitions for each hand)
Also, study your forearm. This will increase grip strength and give greater strength to the hands. In order to pump the forearm, place hands on bench with wrists up and grab the bar. Prokatyvaja rod with extreme phalanges to the middle of the palm of your hand by clenching a fist. Make eight approaches to failure.