Before you start training, you must warm up the muscle, making the workout. To do this, take a small dumbbell weighing 3 to 8 kg and follow a few easy moves, you should only feel a minimal load. Warm-up is necessary in order to prepare the triceps for a full workout, to protect against injury during exercise.
Training the triceps, follow the correct execution of the exercises should feel the load in the desired muscle. For a start, it is recommended to take dumbbells in weight of 8-10 kg and do 2-3 sets of 6-12 movements. If the weight of the projectile is too large, it may cause injury. After a while, when you feel that old weight dumbbells cannot give a proper feeling of the load in the triceps, and you can do more than 12 repetitions in one approach, you will gradually raise.
The most popular exercise for pumping the triceps is the dumbbell extension of the hand with a dumbbell from behind the head. To perform this exercise standing and sitting (standing appreciable load is also on the back), with a dumbbell in one hand. Sports equipment rises on a straightened arm, then lowers his head. Elbow looking up, lower back slightly arched. Feel the weight of the dumbbells, stretch muscles, breathe deeply and slowly straighten your arm, exhale. Repeat the exercise, shifting the dumbbell in the other hand. You can also connect simultaneously with both hands, but the load to a greater extent will get the minor muscle, which decreases efficiency.
The extension of the hands in the slope - another exercise with dumbbells workout for triceps. Legs steadily apart and slightly bent at the knees, torso leaning forward, free hand rests on the knee, running bent at the elbow and pressed to the body. Breath, running a hand powerfully, exerting a force back straightened, unbending at the elbow to a straight position, exhale. After completing the required number of repetitions, repeat the exercise with the other hand.
Also there are some basic principles in order to properly pump up the triceps dumbbell. Most of the exercises - isolated, without the participation of other muscles, so performing approach should feel the load on the triceps. Make sure that the shoulder at the same time remained motionless. All exercises are performed without jerks, slowly and smoothly. Try to choose a weight right in the middle and the final stage of the exercise, the weights should be felt fully.