Advice 1: How to increase the size of a fist

The size of the fist is determined primarily by the anatomy of a person. The whole thing in width the bones and body weight. But what to do if you want to increase the size of the fist self-defense or martial arts training?
How to increase the size of a fist
You will need
  • - dumbbell;
  • - rod;
  • hammer;
  • - axe;
  • - expander;
  • - bus.
Join a gym. It all starts with General physical training. No it just will not do if you have insufficient muscle mass and strength. About a large fist in this case is not out of the question! Do with a barbell, work with basic exercises like deadlifts, presses lying and standing. This will give you a sharp push to increase hand strength and the size of a fist. Don't forget to eat well after each training and during the day.
Tendons train with barbells and dumbbells. Between training for mass and strength, include in your process exercise for the tendons. Only due to the weight it is impossible to increase the size of a fist. Take to start to hand a light dumbbell, place the forearm on the leg and work only with the wrist. Lift the shell up and lowered down. Do this at least 15 times on each hand. Repeat this exercise daily for 5-6 approaches. In the gym you can even use a light rod.
Work with an axe on firewood. If you ever seen a lumberjack competition, you probably noticed how they have big hands and fists. Most of them even in the hands of the post didn't take! A couple of hours of work with an axe a week would be enough for the additional load on the shoulder girdle, forearm and wrist. All together it will lead to growth of a fist and its strengthening.
Use the hammer in your training process. Another effective technique is the hammer on the rubber. Find a huge old tire BelAZ or other truck. Pick up hammer, go back a few meters from the bus and put a smashing blow from the shoulder. Be careful that the projectile after impact did not cause you damage! Repeat this 10 times.
Click daily for a few minutes hard expander. The most simple and low-cost techniques for pumping of the fist is the compression expander or a tennis ball. Take it in your hand and make a few pressing movements. Do this for 10-15 minutes a day. You will strengthen the tendons and develop the power fist. This is a direct impact on its value!

Advice 2 : How to increase the impact speed

To increase the speed of impactand you need to make some extra effort during training. Technically it is important to properly take the kick, have developed the muscles and ligaments to be relaxed during the attack.
Boxing punch
Martial artists and professional boxers can boast of a quick and strong strike that can bring the enemy out of action for a few minutes. It is believed that such speed of hands and feet accumulating perennials workouts multiple times a week. This is true, but if you focus solely on the impact velocity, it is possible for several weeks to significantly improve their performance.

Strength and speed bumps are not always compatible

If you are engaged in bodybuilding, is unlikely to significantly increase the impact speed. The fact that the "bullies" muscle fibers shrink and are unable to work quickly. By increasing mass you will also lose sharpness. Of course, there are athletes that can conduct quick strikes, but they used to have Boxing or other martial arts. Muscle memory helps to use tried and tested technique and speed. However, to increase the speed performance is unlikely.

In addition, during the muscle pump clogged ligaments, which have an important role in the strike.

Therefore, if you decide to increase the impact speed, stop to hit the weights. Better engage with their weight, but here too it is necessary to consider some nuances. When pulling and prying motion to do sharp, with the same sharp breath, as if to straighten (push-up), flexion (pulling) hand strike.

Additional exercises

To increase the impact velocity an important technique. If a kick or hand is done correctly, the daily repetition will help to increase the speed. It is important to submit thrown to hit the arm in the form of a nucleus, tied on a rope. The arm is a rope, and a fist -.

Be sure hands and feet at the moment of impact needs to be relaxed and return quickly to its original state. The additional inertia of the return legs and arms back will give the speed.

Constant sparring with a partner helps to develop reaction. This also applies to the speed of perception of the situation, and the ability to evade attacks and speed of attacks. The practice battle will gradually increase strength and speed.

Execution of punches with dumbbells in your hands or weights on the legs helps to build up explosive power which is always desired to increase the speed and force of impact. Exercises can be performed only after a good workout, concentrating on each individual shot. It is important to pay attention to the position of the body. If it is stable, then the impact will be more powerful. When the body is unstable, lots of force and inertia is spent on restoring balance.

Working with pear in a ragged pace. Practicing strokes on the pear, you can change the tempo from medium to maximum. The maximum rate lasts 10-15 seconds and then again turn on the average speed. So increasing the sharpness and explosive power.

It is important to know! The impact speed can be developed in the case, if the muscles are well trained, and the technique of shot put.
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