Buy a special device – a auto adapter for the laptopand, which must be a connector for the cigarette lighter. Please note that the electrical parameters of the power supply the laptopand the purchased device must be identical. The operating voltage of your computer is in the range from 15 to 24 Volts.
Remember that the power supply and the adapter must have the same operating voltage allowed difference of only one volt. The plugs of the devices have the same design and the polarity. Marking the polarity of the auto adapter and the laptopand must be identical.
How to connect <strong>laptop</strong> <b>vehicle</b>
There are universal adapters that have a switch output. There may not pay attention to the compatibility of the parameters is accomplished by setting the desired voltage switch. Such adapters are available in two versions: with an output current of 4.7 Amps for the laptopand a 17 inch with a current of 3.7 Amps for a diagonal of 15 inches.
Buy inverter if you want to make your car a mobile hub, connecting also the printer and scanner. The inverter converts the voltage of the machine in 220 Volts, which is standard. They differ in power, and the more devices connected, the more power the inverter.
How to connect <strong>laptop</strong> <b>vehicle</b>