You will need
  • adapter 12V;
  • - car charger for laptops;
  • - Autonomous, starting-charging device.
Use a special adapter 12V to 220 V (sold in auto parts stores). Such an adapter is inserted into the car cigarette lighter and has outputs for charging a laptop, phone, portable DVD player, razor. The average power adaptor – 150 W. the adapter which has overload protection. The disadvantage of this method is that while charging the laptop the ignition must be turned on. So, charge the computer, only with the engine running, because with this power very quickly sits down the car battery.
If you charge the car you plan on only a laptop, get a special car charger. But the charge should be special, suitable to the model of your computer. To choose the correct adapter, you need the following setting of your computer: power connector, how many Volts and Amps on the factory power supply. Looking for a charging with the same amount of Volts as the power supply. Amps can be more, it's not scary. Importantly, not less, otherwise increase the load on the power supply. It is advisable to purchase the charging adapter of the same manufacturer as the laptop. But keep in mind that not all brands have their own charging for the car.
Pay attention to the latest automotive accessories – Autonomous start-charger. A small box weighing 400 grams and the size of the tablet can charge the battery of the vehicle without the aid of external machines. Device only to charge from the mains 220V for 3 hours. Included charger has adapters for phones and USB output. To support Autonomous operation of the laptop, the device can within 3 hours, charge the phone for only one hour. While it is not necessary to connect to the cigarette lighter.