Having met a priest without vestments on the street, greet them with a nod or say Hello as usual, wishing a good day. On Easter day we can say "Christ is Risen!". Offer a hand to the priest only if you personally and have long been familiar with him. Otherwise it will be perceived too familiar.
Met a priest in vestments (cassock with a cross or in the liturgical vestment with stole and in charge), ask him about the blessing, this will be your greeting. Closer to the priest a little bow, put right hand on left, palms up and say: "Father, bless".
In response, the priest will impose on you the sign of the cross and can even put your hand in your clasped hands – her need to kiss as the hand of God himself, who is invisible blesses you through the priest. If the priest put his hand on your head, then kissing her is not necessary.
If there are several priests, led by Bishop (managing the whole diocese), with the blessing come only to him. If many priests and Bishops among them, come and ask the blessing from a senior officer. You can find it at the cross that the priest wears on his chest.
Archpriest carry the cross with decoration, the priest wears a gold or silver cross. If you took a blessing from a priest, and next, there are a few, refer to them with the words "Bless me, Reverend fathers" and worship.
If you are in a group of believers, with the blessing of the first to approach men according to seniority (the Ministers of the Church in the first place, as if setting an example), then in order of seniority are women, the last one the children (according to seniority). This rule applies to family: first choice husband, wife, then children.
Goodbye again ask the priest's blessing with the words "Forgive me, father, bless".
A telephone conversation with the priest must begin with the words "Bless, father". Next, let the point at which you call. The conversation will end with a request for re-blessing.
Speaking of the priest in the third person or referring to him, say: "Father Abbot blessed". A combination of "father" and the name of the priest is used in a purely official occasions.