Upon entering the Church I will make three bowing with the words: "God, cleanse me, a sinner, and have mercy on me", "most Holy Theotokos, save me, a sinner", "God, be merciful to me a sinner", "the All Holy, pray to God for me a sinner."
If you entered the Church when service is not, you can just quietly stand and pray silently, put candles for health and for the repose of the loved ones, as well as icons of those saints to whom I wanted to ask for help or with words of gratitude. If your goal is to get to worship and defend the service, you should come to Church 10-15 minutes before the ceremony.
In a time when there is worship in the Church is usually crowded. Do not push them and do not disturb unnecessarily, treat members with respect, respect their religious attitude. Try delicately to find a free and convenient place where you will be all good to see and hear. If I met people, not in a hurry to loudly greet them and shake hands, just a little adore them (silently), showing that you see them.
If you decide to defend the whole service, please be patient, because it lasts for sometimes 3 hours. All this time you don't have to drag their feet, often to breathe and to show its fatigue. In case of excessive fatigue you can sit down for a short time on the bench, usually available in the Church. However, when opened the Royal doors (the doors of the altar), you can not sit, at this time stand even the sick elderly. It is also unacceptable during worship to stand with his back to the altar.If for some reason you are unable to defend the entire service, you should gently, trying to be invisible, to leave the Church, crossing himself at first exit, then on the street facing the facade of the Church.
If you have planned for yourself which icons you are going to put candles, it is best to do this before the service starts. Not repulsive parishioners elbows, making his way to the candlestick. It would be wise to calmly wait. If the candlestick is out of space, you can just put your candle on a candle stand, Church officials will deliver it as soon as space becomes available. Even if you are lit a candle, cross, pray, and if you wish, attached to the icon.
If you took the Church kids, don't let them run around the room, loud laughing and talking, and even screaming. Explain to them beforehand why this isn't the place to act up and casually behave. Burst into tears the child to take from the Churchto cry it does not interfere with other parishioners to be in a state of goodness and conversations with God.
If you are a rare guest in the Church and absolutely not know what to do, watch the old ladies and follow them all of their actions – processions, signs, bows, etc. Remember that for every action of the faithful lies a deep tradition, which has evolved over centuries. A demonstration of their independence, pride, disobedience to certain rules and customs leave for another occasion. After all, you entered the Church for prayer, and it will not benefit you and not closer to the truth, if you will enter the sacred place without humility.