Since the newspaper is issued in paper and electronic form, it is better to use both. So about your offer know as many people as possible, it will not go unnoticed.
In order to advertise on the website "hand in hand" in the address bar the address of the official website of the publication. Once the page is fully loaded, you are prompted to select the region in which you reside and want to advertise. It is important not to be mistaken: hardly the announcement of the sale of apartments in Tomsk will enjoy great popularity in Moscow and its region.
After selecting the region you will see a page with two buttons "Post new announcement" and "to place an ad in print media". If you choose the first, you have to register on the website by entering your email address and create a password. In addition to the free option, you can apply for a paid, premium option, or you can raise your ad on the first search string on the website. To the ad you can attach your pictures (so your product will sell much faster).
The link "place an ad in a printed publication" before you open the Internet office You will be prompted to print the text for free classifieds or paid, first you will have to pay it in any convenient way – with online wallet, Bank cards, SMS or payment terminal.
In major cities and regional centers "hand in hand" has a specialized Department to receive ads. Of any issue of the print edition of this newspaper you can cut out paper coupon, fill it out and include in such point of reception.
In some regions, "hand in hand" provides yet another opportunity for the ad in the paper: call to the short number, which is paid at your expense. Cost of minute of conversation – from 85 RUB