You will need
  • 1. Word
  • 2. Internet connection
  • 3. Product photos
Determine which site or sites you post your ad. First of all, it depends on the theme. If this ad is about buying or selling real estate, it must be a real estate website. If on the sale of children's strollers, the site with the child theme. The announcement of the meeting must be placed on the Dating site.
Find relevant sites
Analyze the websites on your topic and choose the most popular ones. The higher the site's ranking with search engines, the more it is visited. Accordingly, more people will be able to read your ad.
Select the most popular sites
Type your announcement in Word and save it to your desktop. Don't forget to check their ad on literacy. You can now proceed directly to the accommodation.
Recruited <b>ad</b> in Word
Find online the appropriate category and create a new ad. Be sure to specify the topic. This is very important because it was on the theme other people will be able to find your ad. Copy your ad from Word and place it on the website. Enter your contact details (phone number, email address, etc.). Now your ad is placed in the InternetE.
Vykladyvaem its <b>ad</b> and admire the result