Take a picture of the pattern and its reverse side, and copy the images to the computer or prepare to demonstrate the image you previously found on the Internet, the author you wish to search.
Go online and visit forums of experts and collectors, such as or Experts in technique image can identify up to 90%, whose hands this painting. In addition, specify who the author of the picture, the experts will help not only the image itself, but the flip side of the canvas, which is often a special marker of the artist. Often, however, to decipher them only to specialists. Go to the forum of the website "Art of painting" (, which is completely free to get a detailed consultation of the expert.
With photos of paintings and the flip side you can go to the site one of the online shops or commercial galleries of contemporary painting (for example,, especially if you are sure that the painting was done relatively recently (in the XX century). The experts know all the smallest details of the life and works of foreign and Russian Soviet artists, even virtually unknown, so that with their help, you can find all the information about the author of the picture. The same can be said about the website where, however, contains only information on Russian artists. Full list of galleries is on the site A catalog of the most known Russian artists has resource
Visit the Big art galleries of the Runet: and/ or seek advice on a forum site, or try to find a similar picture (country, age, school, artist) on their own. In the main exhibition galleries and in her "vaults" (archive) more than 150 thousand pictures, so to find a similar fabric will be a little difficult if you don't even know which era, or which school owns this picture.
If you offer to sell the painting, do not settle until you are not yet using all the possibilities in order to find the name of the author of the painting, information about it and determine the approximate cost of cloth from various experts. In addition, you can contact the experts directly, but it can cost a lot of money, especially if you decided to sell the painting that is hidden from the eyes of the specialist in any case.
If you have only a reproduction of the paintingthat you like, visit sites such as or Moreover on the website there's the dictionary of art, using which you can try to find the author of the picture.