You will need
  • Computer, Internet, program Stump 0.85.
Download online program Stump 0.85. Usually it is represented in the archive. Inside the archive run the file Stump085d.exe.
In the window that appears, select "Start demonstration" and follow the actions shown on the screen.
To begin creating print, run again the file Stump085d.exe from the archive, and select the button "Continue".
In the "Top row" enter the text that should appear on the seal at the top, and the "Bottom line", respectively, type information for the bottom of the print. The constant view of the result of their work can be done by clicking on the button with a picture of a piece of paper and a magnifying glass in the menu (preview). Set the font, bold, italics.
If you are not satisfied with the automatically selected character spacing, change it in the Settings tab of the lines." To do this, remove the check mark with the word "AutoRepeatDelay" and set its value. Configure this tab, indent, offset, character width, etc.
Click on "Center" and enter the string that will appear in the center of your print. Configure them.
In the tab "Form" you can change the default round option to print on the other.
In the tab "Create and edit" to adjust the quality, clarity, blurred your print to make it look more realistic on paper. Click "Create" to see the result. You can also insert a print into a Word document using the appropriate button.