You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop;
  • - the image containing the print.
Download Adobe Photoshop graphics file containing the image print. In the File menu select "Open..." or "Open As..." or use the corresponding keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+O or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O. In the dialog that appears, navigate to the desired directory, select the file and click "Open".
For the convenience of further work, transfer the portion of the image containing the print into a new document. Activate the Rectangular Marquee tool. Create with it a selection rectangle around the print. Adjust the size of the allocation, selecting in the main menu and Select Transform Selection. Copy the snippet to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C or selecting Copy in the Edit menu. Press Ctrl+N or select "New..." from the File menu. In the list of the New Preset dialog, select Clipboard. Press the OK button. Press Ctrl+V or select Paste in the Edit menu.
Highlight the main parts of the image print in color. Install a convenient magnification using the Zoom tool. In the main menu and Select "Color Range...". In the list that appears, Select Color Range dialog, select Sampled Colors. The value of the Fuziness parameter set to 1. Activate the option Image. In the list Selection Preview select Quick Mask. Click Add to Sample. Click on multiple points in the image print having the maximum distinguished colors. Increase the value of Fuziness, choosing it in such a way that the maximum allocation has covered the seal, but without affecting too wide a related field. Press the OK button.
Adjust the selection area. Enter the quick mask mode. Press Q or click the Edit in Quick Mask Mode in the toolbar. Select a brush with convenient parameters (type, diameter and hardness). Set the black foreground color and remove any excess selection. Select white foreground color and add highlighting in the right places. Disable the quick mask mode the same way it was activated.
Cut out the print. If necessary, place it in the clipboard, just hit Ctrl+C. If "clean" image of the print you want to save for future use, invert the selection by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I, delete the background by pressing Del again and invert the selection. Select in menu Image, and Crop. Then press Ctrl+Shift+S or select "Save As..." from the File menu.