To write text in a circle in Microsoft Office Word, use WordArt. To do this, open the "Insert" tab and find the toolbar Text. Select the appropriate label style from the contexttion menu button-thumbnail WordArt. In the opened window enter your text. When you are finished, click OK.
The label will be placed in the document. Select it - will be available in the contextmenu "Working with objects WordArt". Make sure you are on the Format tab and find the block instruments "WordArt Styles". Click on the thumbnail "Edit shape" and select the contextmenu group "Path". Click on the icon that looks like a circle with the caption "the Ring." Your inscription will be placed on a circle. As needed, edit the object boundary.
Another way: open the Insert tab and click in the "Illustration" tool "Shapes". In the contextmenu click on the layout "Oval". Press the Shift key and hold it down, and create a circle in a document workspace. On the Insert tab again, select the Shapes tool and click on "Inscription". Set the scope for the labels and enter your text.
On the Format tab, in the contextmenu of the "drawing Tools" given in accordance with the requirements of the border and fills for shapes, select the text and click on the "Animation". In the drop-down menu, specify the Convert command in the property "Circle". Edit the font size, if necessary, adjust the contours of the body.
To write text in a circle in Adobe Photoshop, create the inscription in the usual way, in the contextmenu of the Text tool, click on the thumbnail in the form of a curved line and the letter "T". This tool allows you to distort the text. In the dialog box, in the "Style" field, select "Other".
Select the degree of the bend and apply the selected settings. When using this way text can be placed in a semicircle. Enter the caption in the parts to set for the first fragment, which will be located at the top, and then for a fragment located at the bottom.