You will need
  • - Microsoft Word
  • Notepad.
Open WordЧтобы to print text on the computer, select "start – All programs – Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Word". Opens the document. Try to print the text in Word, typing it on the keyboard. At the top of the document, a menu, a toolbar, where you can define the font, font size, line spacing, etc. Under the toolbar is the line, which control the first line indent and tab the rest of the paragraphs.
Type textin Capital letters are set automatically after a period and a space (wide key bottom center of the keyboard). If it is necessary to put a capital letter inside a sentence, press Shift and the key with the required letter. To change the input language from Russian to English and conversely, press Shift+Alt or Shift+Ctrl. A new paragraph is created when you press Enter.
Save the document On the toolbar click the right mouse button on the "Diskette" icon. In the opened window enter the file name, select a folder to save to and click "Save". You can also select from the top menu "File – Save" or press the keyboard Shift+F12.
Enter text in the Notepad, Click "start-All programs – accessories – Notepad." A window opens for entering text. Here to print the text easier, because the menu more clearly than in Word, but less of different functions. Font type and size can be defined in the menu "Format – Font". Capital letters, paragraphs are the same as in Word. To save the textand hit "File – Save" or Ctrl+S.