To opt-out jokes contact customer service of MTS. She has your phone number: for Central Russia is the number 0890, and separately for the Moscow region - 0990. Please note that the second number can be get through not only mobile phone but also urban.
Also, disable unnecessary service , you can thanks to a special USSD-request. Just dial on the phone keypad, dial *111*4753# and press the call button.
Do not forget about the possibility of sending SMS-messages for the abandonment of the "Daily joke". In the message text be sure to include the number 5. You need to send SMS on short number 4741.
Service deactivation is also possible on MTS site-info at Click "Unsubscribe". You will see a list of connected services. Select from them the one that you need to give up.
Management services available through self-service "Internet Assistant". However, you will need to register (i.e. get some data for authorization in the system). Can obtain the password by sending a mobile phone either in the "MTS connect" SMS-message to number 111. The text should look like the following: 25_ your password. Remember that the password can only consist of 6-10 characters. In addition there must be at least one capital letter, one small letter and at least one of the figures. Otherwise the system simply will not accept it.
To access the "Internet Assistant" we will need more and login. By default, this is the number of your mobile phone. As to the roofing, you log in, go to "Rates and services" and then select "service Management". Thanks to him, you will see a list of all connected services and remove those that you no longer need.